Charolais Junior National | Sound-check 1,2,

Let’s Party like a RockCHAR!

Your going to need a back stage pass to get with Sam Ratkovitch.

Quiz Bowl Prep is in full swing for Aubree Baldwin, Claire Williams, and Rosalie Mule.

Brett Hennongsen putting in work on the wash rack.

It might not be Stock Show U day but Kevin Doonan still found time to put on a clinic.

Dylan Hartman focused on the perfect top.

Precision is key for Howdee Snoddy.

Daily hair care essentials.

Shawn Leifeste leveling up.

Audrey Keuper was pumped to work hair after opening ceremonies.

Sydney Sanders rocking out while working hair.

Kord Groves Rockin and Rollin with his Smart Sensation Brush.

AIJCA Band Members Carter Hoge, Austin Alexander, and Mason Leifeste warm up for the week during opening ceremonies.

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