Go with the Gelbvieh | Gelbvieh Junior National Classic

Cassie Livingston presents her heifer during the sales talk contest this morning to Judges Abbee Carnes and Mel Carlson.

Chase Tabor, Macy Shoulders and Kenna Collins play a few hands of cards while the cattle are laying down.

Team Kansas 2 had some Gelbvieh nerds ready to take down the opposing team during the quiz bowl finals this evening. Preston Dunn is ready and determined.

Justin Teeter uses a Sullivan’s Air Express III Double Blower set to get the work done a little quicker.

Kale Thaubenein, Jaylea Pope, AJ Starr and Yancy Welsh get a game plan together before Yancy goes in for his sales talk.

Autumn Butler uses a Sullivan’s Smart Scrub and a Top Gun bottle to work hair in the morning.

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