Bye, Bye Brookings | AIJCA Junior Nationals

Kelly Parke uses Sullivan’s Tail Adhesive on her front leg.

Rachel Booth, Communications & Events Coordinator for the Charolais Association taking pictures in the ring. Thanks for all your hard work this week.

A parent’s phone is always good to watch the show on Kaycee Schel and Remy Yost.

Flare shirt + flare can + SSU hat = success for Jenna Dourty

Connor Briggs trims up the tailhead.

Will Hoopes has his Sullivan cans handy.

Jade Runft works on a front leg.

Tara Tellefson uses Sullivan’s Game Changer on her calf.

Mason Runft is emotional being named herdsman of the year.

Jackie Sleichter is all smiles when judge Dave Allan picks her for Champion Owned Heifer.