Bringing Back a Classic

The Nikkel Brothers crew preps one of their many champions during today’s Breeding Heifer Show. Thank You for trusting the Sullivan Supply line of grooming products!

The Kansas Classic is back, and exhibitors have the chance to win some pretty cool awards during the weekend. Sullivan Supply is honored to be a Platinum Sponsor of the event.

Tejlor Strope stays focused during the final drive.

Lindsey Broek and Amy Cowan having a great time lining up cattle at the Kansas Classic!

Even cats want in on the action.

Bailey Kroupa shows her Champion Angus Heifer.

Judge Amie Stertzbach congratulates Parker Schwarz on winning Reserve Champion Chianina Heifer.

Devon Gaines shows his Chianina heifer.

Jason Beltz and son Jase share a special moment at the backdrop.

Jacob DeRouchey shows his ShorthornPlus heifer.

Ring A Judges Bruce and Amie Stertzbach discuss their top five overall.

Chelsea Evans broadcasts the final drives via Facebook Live.

Ring B Judge Deb Core selects Kinnick Paulsen’s Champion Lim-Flex as Third Overall Heifer.

Jon and Lisa Nikkel share a special moment during the final drive.