Blackout Jackpot/Green & Gold Sunday Candids

Kids Playing
Easton Hill and his friend Joseph keep busy ringside during the steer shows today.

Jim and Plus
Judge Jim Williams and Jake King share a moment during the Shorthorn Plus grand drive.

Dealer Trailer
Thank you to our Sullivan Supply dealer, Don Brumer, for providing exhibitors with show essentials throughout the weekend.

Champ Plus Steer in Chute
Jake King loves using his Sullivan’s Smart Comb on his Champion Shorthorn Plus Steer.

Champ Steer in Chute
Austin Reitzenstein’s Champion Overall Steer waiting patiently for champion drive.

Champ Angus Steer in Chute
Sullivan Supply products were seen throughout the barns all weekend, and are shown here with the Champion Angus Steer.

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Girl with steer
Snickers the steer gets some lovin’ from his pal, Trista Lebsachk!

Austin in ring
Austin Reitzenstein chasing that banner in the Green & Gold ring.

Jim Williams
An emotional Jim Williams shares his final thoughts during champion drive.

Former dealers
A special thank you goes out to former Sullivan Supply dealers, Loren and Maureen Broad, for all of their help with the Blackout Jackpot this weekend!