Black Tie Affair | Top Five Breeding Heifers

Champion Overall Heifer
Champion Chi
Sire: Primo
Dam: Getcha Some/ Jayln Rose
Bred by: Campbell Co/ Sweeney Cattle 
Sold by: Boyd Show Cattle 
Congratulations to Brody Hanson
Reserve Overall Heifer 
Sire : Weis All Me
Dam: L DSG Duna 624D
Bred by: RJ Cattle Co
Sold by: Boden
Congratulations to Andrew Bohrer
Third Overall Heifer
Champion Angus
Sire: SSF On Point
Dam: Top Live Lady
Bred by: Sunrise Sunset Farm 
Sold by: Sunrise Sunset Farm 
Congratulations to Karli Berkheimer 
Fourth Overall Heifer
Champion ShorthornPlus
Sire: Conley No Limit
Dam: Sull Dream On 5758
Sold by: Schaffer 
Bred by: Schaffer
Congratulations to Haylee Stotler
Fifth Overall Heifer
Reserve Angus
Sire : Conley No Limit
Dam: Ayres HH Standom Eline 405
Bred by: Kinna 
Sold by : Fix Cattle and Kinna
Congratulations to Ella Jane Michael