Battle Royale | American Royal

If you ain’t sketchin’, you ain’t judgin’ – isn’t that right, Darrin Barbour?


Justin Teeter uses some Sullivan’s Jet Black on a hind leg.


Congratulations to Kyson Thiel on your Grand Champion Junior Gelbvieh/Balancer Heifer today!


Corey Ruff finishes up a hind leg with Sullivan’s Copper Touch-Up Paint.


Tony Jeffs dialing them in one top line at a time.


You’re smiling now Tim Schaeffer, but we will check back in with you in 8 days 🤷🏼‍♀️


All the puppy love for Brooke Nowack while she fits a heifer.


Afton Alber gets some assistance from daughter Brenlee while balling a tail.


From steers to heifers there is no rest for Redmin Brumbaugh.


Congratulations to Hailey Hudlow and Schmit Farms on your Champion Purebred/Percentage Moderator Bull today!