Battle of the Cattle – Kerrville, TX | Overall Steers

Champion Steer
Champion AOC Steer
Sire: That’s right
Dam: 0419
Bred by: Horn Livestock
Sold by: Kirby Eaves
Congratulations to Holly Thomas

Reserve Steer
Champion Paint Steer
Sire: Control Freak
Sold by: Gillespie Show Cattle & CEG
Congratulations to Kaitlyn Nix

Third Overall Steer
Reserve AOC Steer
Sire: In God We Trust
Bred by: Horn Livestock
Sold by: Mckay & Adams
Congratulations to Brandelyn Barrilleaux

Fourth Overall Steer
Champion Slick Steer
Sire: Business Done Right
Bred by: Forbes & Graham
Sold by: Potts Show Cattle
Congratulations to Addie Potts

Fifth Overall Steer
Champion Black Cross Steer
Sire: Monopoly
Dam: MCKY 3060
Bred by: McKay
Sold by: McKay & Adams
Congratulations to Madellyne Adams