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BLLOOMM by Bobby Listen
Available in 25lb. and 7lb.
This amazing product is blended with Show Bloom and other technologies to increase Skin and hair enhancements as well as an overall bloomed appearance of the animal. BLLOOMM is also approved for multi-species which is much different from products before it. 25lb bucket with screw top lid.


PUMP THE BRAKES by Bobby Listen
Pump The Brakes TM is a holding ration for swine that is fed twice a day at a 1/2 pound ratio. With cherry flavoring and new technologies, pigs consume it much easier and doubles as a body mass advancer for growing pigs.


SOF’N by Bobby Listen
Soft’N TM is a liquid fat with all-natural oils that are contained to near human-grade levels. The cherry flavor is very palatable and addicts the animals’ appetite to the product, can be fed to all species.


JOOSE by Bobby Listen
This orange-colored electrolyte maximizes ultimate hydration on show day for all species. Can be mixed with water or feed.