Arizona National | Sullivan Supply / Stock Show University Fitting Contest Candids

Champion Fitting Team at work, team members consisted of Austin Vieselmeyer, Alex Vieselmeyer, Cade Kanode

Team 16 Member Emmaline Mellon Fitting on the tealhead.

At the chute with Team 8 Dalton Lind, Chris Martinez, Stiles Patin

Jenna Scherer, Joshua McHenery and Biley Yates represented team 15 and having some fun.

Reserve Champion team member Tanner Hoekstra clipping out the front leg.

Team 16 consisting of Clayton Moore, Emmaline Mellon and Lindsey Ercanbrack staying very organized during the contest.

Hailee Ashbrook of Team 2 putting the smoke on a hind leg.

Judges Bob Bruns and Matt Copeland evaluating the contestants

Judge Matt Copeland with Team 7 Zach Geisler, Aubree Geisler, Justin Herlan

Judge Bob Bruns offering advice to Team 11 Hannah Daugherty, Hanna Greeson and Jaci Celenza

What a great turnout for the fitting Contest, there were 18 teams entered with a lot of talent represented. We wish all the exhibitors the best of luck in the future.