And That’s All She Wrote Folks | Illinois Beef Expo

Congratulations to Ashtin Guyer and the rest of the Guyer Family on a great Illinois Beef Expo and your Supreme Champion Heifer!

Carter Hoge is your Reserve Supreme Heifer with his Reserve Purebred Simmental. Congratulations, Carter!

Since the title of Super Fitter was already given to Nathan Clark this week, I guess Kellen Kemme will have to settle for Reserve.

Eric Schafer pulls a tailhead this morning.

The Four Corners Crew fits one of their many Angus Heifers this morning.

Judges, Jirl Buck and Amanda Schnoor discuss their Top 5 Heifer selection.

Sloan Boyert checks out how the Boyert-Core line-up looks in the Supreme Drive.

The Collins Crew works together to put some final touches on Korbin’s heifer before she goes in the ring.

Is Josh Elder cutting air?

Derek Humphrey aka “Sam Hunt” clips on a front leg this morning before the show.