American Royal | True Royalty at the Royal


Maddox England watching over his fitting team while scratching his steer with this Sullivan’s show stick.


Savannah Warren using her Tiger Tooth comb and Tail Adhesive to master her steer’s tail head.


Jarrett Birk blowing out his steer with morning with his Beast Blower.


Cass Kleeman using his Sullivan’s foamer in the wash rack before the show.


Full concentration for Dustin Smith mastering a hind leg.


Sullivan Supply’s National Sales Representative, A.J. Hornback helping a customer at the trailer.


John Hogberg taking a break during fitting a back leg for the grand drive to pose for The Pulse.


The master, Travis Otterstand.


Beau Smitt might have been the youngest around the chute but he was making sure everything was getting done correct.

Drew Willis never starts fitting without having Tail Adhesive, Powder’Ful, and Final Bloom by his side.