All Things Iowa at the All Iowa Showdown

Judge Scott Schaake giving his remarks during the heifer show.

Avery Shalla uses a Sullivan’s Air Express Blower to dry her goat.

The McClure clan all settled in for a great day.

The crew for Makayla Houck getting her champion female put together.

Foam party on the wash rack must mean Sullivan’s Volumizer shampoo isn’t far away.

Goat fitting things.

A packed house in Afton watches as the champion goat drive is in the ring.

Judge Shannon Scotten selects Jayden Joyce has reserve Market Goat.

Preton Fevold, Zach Greiman, Kyle Greiman and other working on a calf.

Hayden Fox washing his goat.

Thank you to Tracy Coffland of Purina for working the ring today.

Trever Schulz bracing his lamb in the drive.

Only cool goats wear Sullivan’s Cool Tech Blankets.