An Inside Look at Your Junior Board Presidents | Chianina President, Brooklyn Curtin

We at Sullivan Supply enjoy getting the opportunity to work with the Junior Breed Associations and their Junior Board Members each and every year. They are familiar faces you see around the barns at every show, working with the youth in our industry, and alongside each and every one of us. We wanted to take some extra time to get know the presidents of each breed Junior Board. Next up is the American Junior Chianina Association President, Brooklyn Curtin. Brooklyn is the daughter of Travis and Mindy Curtin, and she has two younger siblings Tanner and Sloane. They live on a farm just outside of the small town of Oxford, Iowa where her and her family-run about 75 commercial cows. She currently a senior at Williamsburg High School. After high school, she plans to attend Iowa State University and major in Ag Education, while continuing to grow her herd of Chianina influenced cattle.


How has your time as President of the American Junior Chianina Association been, and what have you learned through this experience so far?
Brooklyn: So far my role as the American Junior Chianina President has been an amazing and exciting opportunity. This role has always been a goal of mine and  I was finally able to accomplish it. I definitely could not imagine it being any better than it has been. I have learned how to handle so many responsibilities as I take on the big role of president. These responsibilities include being a leader, always lending a hand, and putting others before you put yourself.

What kind of precedent do you try to set for of the American Junior Chianina Association?
Brooklyn: I strive to set the precedent for the junior association to be a fun and welcoming atmosphere. We also strive to showcase all of our members and their hard work and dedication. Keeping the air light and fun allows younger kids to feel comfortable and be able to open up and thrive within the association.



As a junior board member, what are your responsibilities?
Brooklyn: One major responsibility, as a junior board member, is to be a leader. Many younger members are always looking up to you and wanting to be just like you. This role requires me to be very flexible and step in whenever it is needed as well as doing a variety of different tasks. One of my favorite responsibilities is helping run all the contests at Junior Nationals, and ensuring the show ring runs smoothly for the sake of everyone ;).

What is your goal as a junior board for the American Junior Chianina Association?
Brooklyn: As a junior board, one of our main goals is to increase member participation on the national level. But a personal goal of mine is to make a personal connection with as many members as I possibly can. Whether this is by helping them out with a calf in the ring, sitting down for a quick game of cards, or just a nice smile as we pass in the barn aisle. I was raised in this association, and this association shaped who I am today, therefore I aim to do my part in giving back to the membership.



What has been your favorite or most rewarding part of being on the Junior Board and/or serving as President?
Brooklyn: My favorite memory of being on the junior board would have to be during junior nationals this past year in Des Moines, Iowa. Specifically during the novice showmanship. Seeing the smile on all the littles’ faces was truly the best thing ever. Knowing that those kids are just starting to grow the same passion that I do for this breed and the show cattle industry as a whole helps fuel my fire.