A Day of Champions | Minnesota State Fair

Congratulations to Jake Jackson on your Supreme 4-H Heifer today!

Ben Freking was selected as your 2019 Supreme 4-H Market Steer, congratulations!

Colton Ivers dials in the back leg of his Champion Gelbvieh Heifer before the Supreme Drive this afternoon.

The Champion Hereford Heifer gets a little extra care before the Grand Drive.

Colby Lind uses Sullivan’s Copper on the Champion Red Angus Heifer.

Grace Brittonuses Sullivan’s Powder’Ful on a back leg.

Grace Schlueter clips a tail head during the steer show today.

Lacey Schmitz balls a tail with some Monkey Glue.

Lucas Bjorkland uses Sullivan’s Ultra White Touch-Up on a back leg this morning.

Lynsey Schmitz fits a heifer.

Mikayla Wetzel foto her ShorthornPlus heifer for the grand drive.

Cody Wichmann  getting his steer ready for the grand drive.