Indiana State Fair Market Show Candids

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Ross Howard, Grady Tebo, and Rhett Howard have their wish granted for a photo by team Pulse.

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Without even breaking a sweat and remaining spotless, Brock Tracy is all business as he cleans up some stalls.

Eli Shannon’s team works on his Reserve Simmental Steer.

Aaron Selke uses Sullivan’s White Touch Up and Tail Adhesive to ensure Cayde’s Champion Crossbred Steer looks flawless before he enters the ring for Grand Drive. His hard work paid off as Cayde’s steer was selected Grand Champion Market Steer!

Junior Market Hog exhibitors stop and wait as judges gave their final remarks during Grand Drive.

Sullivan’s White Powderful and White Touch-Up are the perfect match for cattle of every color. Bailey Hedrick works on fitting a front leg with the best white paint and powder on the market.

Cole Mize works his magic creating the perfect front leg on a steer.

Ross Hagen works diligently to keep his heifers clean and blows them off throughout the day.

Thank you to Caleb Waugh and crew for supporting the Sullivan Supply line of grooming products!

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Hattie Duncan shows off her Hereford steer during the Grand Champion Market Steer Drive.

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One last time in the ring. Harper Henney shares a special bond with her Champion Charolais Steer, and they work together effortlessly in the ring.

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Warner Ott is beaming as Judge Ryan Rash selects his Champion Chianina Steer as Reserve Grand Champion Market Steer!

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Judge Ryan Rash worked it in the ring all day, and Grand Champion Drive was no different. Thank you to Ryan for providing entertainment with class, and a stellar sound on the mic at every show he evaluates!

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Cayde Selke humbly accepts many congratulations following his big win in the Grand Champion Market Steer drive.

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Dave Guyer congratulates Cayde Selke after his thrilling win in the Grand Drive!

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Best buds. Dylan Greenwald and his Champion Shorthorn Steer share a special moment after being selected Fifth Overall. The relationships that youth create with their livestock are irreplaceable.