Sioux Empire Livestock Show | Top 5 Market Heifers

Champion Market Heifer
Class V Winner
Sire: That’s Right
Dam: Made to Order
Bred by: Welshans & Grombir
Raised by: Annie Hines
Sold By: Blaine Rodgers Daake/Dorn
Congratulations to Jorja Holm

Reserve Champion Market Heifer
Class VI Winner
Sire: Perfection
Dam: MAB
Bred By: Farrer
Sold By: RJ
Congratulations to Alana Olsen

3rd Overall Market Heifer
Class VIII Winner
Sire: HIA
Dam: Wizard
Bred By: Luke Doris
Sold By: Luke Doris
Congratulations to Jake Knudson

4th Overall Market Heifer
Class VIII Second
Sire: IGWT
Dam: Monopoly
Bred By: Brad Smith
Sold By: Brad Smith
Congratulations to Jake Knudson

5th Overall Market Heifer
Class VI Second
Sire: Worth the Wait
Raised By: Gerald Green
Sold By: Fraker, Taylor Cattle, Blake Heideman
Congratulations to Madison Mattson