NJSA Eastern Regional (Hamburg, NY) | Purebred Barrows

Champion Duroc Barrow
Sire: BEYE7 Lesson Plan
Dam: DTF5 Off Label
Bred by: Beyers
Congratulations to Morgan Wagner


Reserve Duroc Barrow
Sire: KTB8 TCG Unforgettable
Dam: OAB7 Eye of the Storm
Bred by: Ammann
Congratulations to Cale Williams


Champion Hampshire Barrow
Sire 1EAS7 Simple
Dam: KORB4 All Eyes
Bred by: JJ Genetics
Congratulations to Kalin Greiner


Reserve Hampshire Barrow
Sire: IGJG7 Set the Style
Dam: AAHH4 Grus Criminal
Bred by: Matthew J Litman
Congratulations to Ethan Stas


Champion Landrace Barrow
Sire: KOLT7 Overtime
Dam: CNTM6 He’s Got It
Bred by: Knauth
Congratulations to Riley Phillips


Reserve Landrace Barrow
Sire: JMG8 Really Really Really
Dam: PCHS6 Mayhem
Bred by: Russell Family
Congratulations to Hannah Patterson


Champion Yorkshire Barrow
Sire: KORB7 Encore
Dam: RIY5 Captial Gain
Bred by: Sanders
Congratulations to Hallie Landry


Reserve Yorkshire Barrow
Sire: SDF8 The Rock
Dam: FISC6 Fast Track
Bred by: Hahn
Congratulations to Cailyn Hines


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