2022 Best of the Barns Best new Product – Sullivan’s Alpha & Driver Hog Whips

We are proud to introduce to you the Best New Product for 2022…Sullivan’s Alpha & Driver Whips, the whips that are taking the industry by storm!

What Makes These Whips The Best:

While the Alpha & Driver both have their own purpose in the swine show industry they have some similarities that help to make them the best. Their super light weight and durable structure coupled with an oil & water resistant shaft brings them to the forefront when selecting a whip.

How do they differ from competitors:

Both the Alpha & Driver have a hinge joint that connects the lash to the shaft which is reinforced with a hidden brass cuff for added durability.

What makes these two whips different from each other:

The Alpha has a wider range of flexibility while the Driver is stiffer.

What lengths do they come in:

Both the Alpha & Driver are available in either a 33” or 36” length whip.

What about the look makes these whips the go to:

 Alpha – Is a super sleek & stylish whip that blends into any seasoned showman’s moves.

 Driver – This whip, which comes in four colors, is still super low-profile but provides a tip at the end of the whip to help younger kids hold on to it.

What are the hand grips like on each whip:

Alpha –The grip consist of a Super Grip Rubber handle. This extra-long, tacky, nonslip handle is extremely comfortable. It reduces hand fatigue and allows for better control.

Driver – The hand grip is covered in a threaded-braid nylon weave material that is available in black, blue, purple, or teal color. The hardware at the end of the handle features a durable molded black plastic ball tip.

What is the shaft made of:

Alpha – Its composite fiberglass shaft consists of the highest level of super flex materials that are stronger than many metals by weight. This composite shaft is encased in a black nylon weave material. The 5“ long lash/popper on the whip is very flexible. This ultra-responsive lash is also strong with its reinforced braided-in nylon construction

Driver – Consist of a medium flex fiberglass core shaft that is wrapped in a black nylon weave material. The lash/popper is a reinforced, braided-in nylon that is 5 inches long. This creates a strong, but extremely flexible lash that allows for tremendous quick action from the end of the whip.

What type of hog would you use these whips on:

Alpha –  Ideal for well-trained hogs that have more of a natural instinct to keep their head up. This whip lets you drive with confidence while allowing the showman to make quick hand movements to achieve maximum show ring appeal.

Driver- More suited for hardheaded hogs that need more enforcement to achieve that show ring look. This whip is stiffer than the Alpha but still provides the ability for discreet hand movements while showing.

The Alpha Series:

Sullivan Supply has just released two new  Alpha Whips to this line.

  • The Alpha Flex  (Alpha – F) is a charcoal gray whip that possess all the Alpha characteristics but combines the stiffness of the Driver.
  • The Alpha Extreme Flex (Alpha – XF) is a light gray whip that has off-the-chart shaft flexibility for those exhibitors that want the absolute most flex possible. This whip also has the Alpha grip and features. It will be available July 2023.

“The Alpha Whip is our Favorite show day whip! We absolutely LOVE the feel of the rubber grip. Super flexible and really durable too! Much better than other whips on the market. When we tried the new Sullivan whips, we fell in love with this whip. As sisters, we fought over which one of us was using this whip. It is a necessity!” – Ashtin & Nalaney Guyer


Sullivan Supply is proud to be the innovative leader and bring award winning products to the industry.