2021 South Dakota Summer Spotlight | Market Wethers – Top 5

Champion Wether
Sire: Pale Rider
Bred and sold by: Went Show Goats
Congratulations to Kylie Beare


Reserve Champion Wether
Sire: JT
Bred by: Cooper Bounds
Sold by: Allen Show Stock, Bernard Asmus
Congratulations to Jana Stearns


Third Overall Wether
Sire: Homebrew
Bred & sold by: Rasmussen Show Stock
Congratulations to Kaylen Stearns


Fourth Overall Wether
Sire: Safe Word
Bred by: Kampker
Sold by: Black Livestock and Lizzy Black
Congratulations to Chesney Effling


Fifth Overall Wether
Bred by: Pfeiffer Farm
Sold by: Fletcher, Hennessy, Church
Congratulations to Kylie Beare

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