2021 AJSA Eastern Regional Helpful Hints…..PLEASE READ

Barn Address: 2390 Gainesboro Grade, Cookeville, TN 38501

– New move in time: Cattle cannot move into the barn until Tuesday June 1st at 2pm CST.

– We will have an on-site feed store with straw, hay, and a small selection of bagged feeds.

– Due to the large number of entries, there will be a new start time on Saturday of 7:30am CST.

– It is advised to bring a generator due to the large number of cattle attending.

– There will be additional T-shirts available for purchase at the event.

– Bedding will be provided in the barn.

– We will not be providing bedding for tie outs; this was a typo on the entry page.

– Tie outs will be to trailers in designated areas only.

– Straw is the only type of bedding allowed in tie outs.

– A Sullivan’s Supply dealer will be on site throughout the show.

– Bring banquet tickets to the banquet. Meals will be served in boxes due to COVID if you do not have a banquet ticket you will not get a meal. Extra tickets can be purchased until May 21st, please call Susan Ledford at 423-580-2840 to purchase.

– Cattle will be required to have a health certificate within 30 days of the event and must have an 840 EID tag or orange Calfhood clip/840 EID tag.

– Stalls will be assigned by state.