2020 OJCA Summer Preview Show Online Entries Available

In an effort to reduce contact and practice as much social distancing as possible during the upcoming 2020 OJCA Summer Preview Show, we’ve created an electronic entry process. Use the links below to complete entries.

**Please note that on-site assistance will be available at the show.
All Competitors need to fill out this form: https://forms.gle/n77DP7Chcp3i7XvT7
Complete one per exhibitor:
Showmanship Entry: https://forms.gle/WoZqcFRZ3QvFdX4r9
Complete one per entry:
Heifer & Bull Entry: https://forms.gle/6LY9HAnzu1NVYbUJ6
Steers & Commercial Heifers: https://forms.gle/6QGRqHEx84rP9Riq9