2019 Best of the Barns Show Mom of the Year | Angie Lehman

Being a mom is not an easy job, but being a show mom is at another level. A show mom is basically Superwoman. It takes a special kind of woman to be able to be a show mom, the pay may not be great and the days may be long, but it is a special job that she absolutely loves… most days. Our 2019 Best of the Barns Show Mom of the Year takes being a show mom up a notch. Angie Lehman is not only a show mom to her own daughter but a show mom to all of the kids in her show crew. Angie grew up in the city and enjoyed gardening and raising flowers. In 1989, she married a grain farmer that also raised hogs after being set up on a blind date by her landlord. She worked at an insurance company for 20 years, and when her daughter, Kathy started 4-H she took a sewing project in the first year. The following year Angie’s husband’s cousin and partner talked her (Kathy) into showing a feeder calf at the county fair and that’s how the cattle journey began. There are many days Angie told her daughter that they should have just stuck with those sewing projects, but now they couldn’t imagine their lives without the cattle.





What is your day to day role?
I manage the feeding of all the show heifers. Alongside my daughter, Kathy, I help with daily chores, work heifers in the barn, feed and check cows, and tackle anything else that comes along. I also raise roses and make arrangements to sell at local grocery stores.


What do you strive for every day?
I strive to feed and care for all of the cattle every day to the best of my ability and always be there for my family.


What do you believe encompasses a show mom?
Being supportive of the crew and their goals and dreams and always making sure everyone has paper towels and everything they need when they head to the ring.


What is your favorite part about being a show mom?
Getting to help get all the kids and cattle to the ring and watching them show


What has been your most memorable moment?

Getting to watch a group of juniors fit the set of heifers for the 2019 State Fair final drive was definitely a memorable moment because the teamwork that group of kids had was unforgettable. Also, the day we won our first banner in Louisville at NAILE is a day I’ll never forget because both our Charolais heifer “Princess” and Chi heifer “Kali” were reserve in their breed in the jr show.


“I’d like to thank everyone that has ever taken time to help us through the years, sold us cattle, believed in us, and played a part in growing my passion for the cattle industry” – Angie Lehman, 2019 Best the Barns Show Mom of they Year.