2018 Best of the Barns Best Clipper/Fitter | Kirby Eaves

From slick steers in the Houston heat to haired steers on The Hill Kirby Eaves has done it all. Meet Best Clipper/Fitter Kirby Eaves from College Station, TX.



How did you get your start in the cattle industry?
I grew up showing pigs always having an interest for cattle. My sophomore year I showed a scramble heifer and then began showing steers my junior year.



How did you gain experience within the cattle industry?
I have had great role models. I worked for Bobby Maddox while going to college, helped Tony Jeffs along the way, and then spent several years at Brandon Horns building my business with his help. These guys deserve a huge thank you from me!



Who are the most influential people in your life?
My dad, Johnny Magin and family, along with the previous men I mentioned have all played a huge role in helping me succeed!



Tell us about your operation?
We primarily buy and sell exotic and British steer calves. We are steadily building a little cow herd trying to raise some along the way. Our goals are simply to be the best we can be!



What advice would you have to young people just starting out?
My advice to anyone starting out is to surround yourself with good people. The rest will fall into place.



What’s your best fitting tip?
My best trick I have to offer is practice. Trial and error along with constantly watching others, trying to figure out how I like things to look is how I’ve learned the most.