2018 Best of the Barns Best Customer Service | American Maine-Anjou Association

The American Maine-Anjou and American Junior Maine-Anjou Associations wrapped up the National Junior Maine-Anjou Show this past week held in conjunction with the National Junior Chianina Show in Des Moines, Iowa, and it went off without a bang! As the final Grand Drive speeches were being made, AMAA Executive Vice President, Blake Nelson, gave a few remarks on the mic about the Association and what the members mean to them. “We strive to have an unmatched service to our breed and membership and continue to have an unwavering dedication to our youth. We, as a staff, at the American Maine-Anjou Association, continually work for our membership and without them we would be out of a job” – Blake Nelson. The American Maine-Anjou Association has a membership of over 1,800+ and they strive, and succeed, to treat each and every one of them with the utmost respect and care. So that being said, it only makes sense that they were voted on by our industry as the 2018 Best of the Barns Best Breed Association Customer Service.



The Maine-Anjou Association wants to be sure that their members have the best experience possible, which is very clear through the way they run their Junior National. The members come first, and they continually remind members that they are just a phone call or e-mail away to answer any questions that they may have.”All association work really hard at working for their membership. I think a positive of us is that everyone who works at our office really loves their job and wants to do what is best for our customers. We appreciate them like they appreciate our help” stats Voice Editor/Director of Show, Communications & Events, Lindsey Broek.


As an Association they pride themselves on being more of a community than just a breed association. Their goal has always been to provide the best customer service that they can. “As a smaller breed we are fortunate to be able to get to know a lot of our members. They’re not only just members of our association, but we’re fortunate to call them friends, too” says Lindsey.The Maine-Anjou Association strives every year to be better than they were the year before. Whether that be through better processes, pricing or just over all service they work for the membership. The American Maine-Anjou Association truly goes above and beyond when it comes to customers and are very deserving of the honor to be named by our industry as the 2018 Best of the Barns Best Breed Association Customer Service!