$1,000 Hereford Challenge From John Sullivan

As I was driving to the Hereford Junior Nationals, I was thinking how great this show is. I thought the only way we can make it better is to have a basketball tournament among the staff. So, at today’s Stock Show U Clinic at the National Junior Hereford Expo, I offered up a challenge. A challenge that would give the American Hereford Association staff an opportunity to participate in the funding raising.

I decided that Sullivan Supply/Stock Show U will donate $1,000 to the National Hereford Youth Foundation for the first team who makes 20 points; one point per bucket of course. The bench roster will be the following … Team Red, Amy Cowan and Jack Ward vs Team White, Craig Huffhines and Bailey Clanton. Ref for the game will be Joe Rickabaugh. The game will take place at the 2015 National Junior Hereford Expo Basketball Tourney and we can not wait!!

Amy and Bailey have accepted the challenge, but we are not sure if Jack and Craig have been made aware! LOL. Hereford friends, urge them on.basketball-