2022 Cattle Crew Shootout | Red, White and Moo

Josh and Lanie Campbell share a pre showmanship pep talk!

The Airhart crew knows teamwork makes the dream work.

Alison bing was all smiles being selected as the Champion Santa Gertrudis steer this evening in Belton!

Shelby Cox is concentrated in the stalls today.

Traveling Sales Intern, Annalyse Leach talks about the benefits of Sullivan Supply products in your show day regimen.

Choices were made, and they were good ones.

Cute babies and cattle shows go hand in hand.

Find Sales Representative, Kara Cutshaw, and Traveling Sales Intern, Annalyse Leach at the Sullivan Supply trailer located by the show ring!

2022 Cattle Crew Shootout | AOC Steers

Champion AOC Steer
Sire: IGWT
DAM: Wallstreet Cow
Bred by: Klemstein/Parker Cattle and Greiger Cattle
Congratulations to Cash Parker

Reserve Champion AOC Steer
Sire: IGWT
Dam: Wallstreet Cow
Bred by: Klemstein/Parker Cattle and Greiger Cattle
Sold by: Waldrip Bros
Congratulations to Jerzee Harlan

2022 Cattle Crew Shootout | Simbrah Steers

Champion Simbrah Steer
Sire: Draggin Dirt (Southern Swag Son)
Dam: Nix American Cow
Bred by: Chris Jenske and Floyd
Sold by: Hudson Cromwell
Congratulations to Mason Koepp

Reserve Champion Simbrah Steer
Sire: Gup
Bred by: Sam Scott
Congratulations to Sutton May

2022 Cattle Crew Shootout | Santa Gertrudis Steers

Champion Santa Gertrudis Steer
Sire: Master p
Bred by: Diamond P Livestock, Scott Pistone
Congratulations to Alison Bing

Reserve Champion Santa Gertrudis Steer
Sire: American Ranger
Bred by: Day Show Cattle
Congratulations to Trevor Guerrero

2022 Cattle Crew Shootout | Kutter Strong

The people behind the Cattle Crew Shootout really showed up for Kutter and the Shed family in a big way! There is no better place to raise children than in a community like this.

The gracious sponsors for Kutter included BCR Cedar Fiber, Jeff Clark Fishing Tours, and Chris Jenschke.

Fulton Quieat Sabe Ranch was the winner of the $500 credit to BCR Cedar Fiber, Chris Jenschke won the Fishing trip for 4 and Brent Cromwell went home with 44 round bales from Chris Jenschke! What an outpouring of support for Kutter!

2022 Cattle Crew Shootout | Brangus Steers

Champion Brangus Steer
Bred by: Gerhart Farms
Congratulations to Taylor Jeffrey

Reserve Champion Brangus Steer
Sold by: Airhart and Priest
Congratulations to Bliss Bessire

2022 Cattle Crew Shootout | Brahman Steers

Champion Brahman Steer
Sire: Two-Tone
Bred by: Larry Carter
Sold by: Garret Holder, Justin Janeka, Chet Smith
Congratulations to Jayce Krauskopf

Reserve Champion Brahman Steer
Sire: BRC Captain
Bred by: Kolten Thigpen
Congratulations to Lelanne Kirchner