Happy Anniversary!

Sullivan Supply would like to wish Charlie and Deven Wilson of Iowa a Happy 1st Anniversary!


Show Steer Junior Nationals I Red Cross

Champion Red Cross Steer
Sire: Return to Gold
Dam: Solid Gold x 903
Bred by: Goeken
Sold by: Bruns, Jackson
Congratulations to Madison Metzler


Reserve Red Cross Steer
Sire: Red Rocky
Bred by: Bonham
Congratulations to Mason Grady


Bronze Red Cross Steer
Sire: One Oak
Dam: Here I Am
Bred by: Olson
Sold by: Lance Beard
Congratulations to Stiles Patin

Show Steer Junior Nationals I Shorthorns

Champion Shorthorn Steer
Sire: Sugar Bear
Bred by: Matt Walta
Sold by: Cromwell & Bird
Congratulations to Laurel Benson


Reserve Shorthorn Steer
Sold by: Tony Jeff, Newman, Priest
Congratulations to Caitlyn Skiles


Bronze Shorthorn Steer
Sire: Perfection
Dam: MAB Cow
Sold by: Bart Herndon
Congratulations to Luke White

Show Steer Junior Nationals I Herefords

Champion Hereford Steer
Sire: Right on Time
Dam: 625
Bred by: Bradley Hale
Sold by: Bob Nabours & Kirk Thomas
Congratulations to Raynee Schacher


Reserve Hereford Steer
Sire: Made Right
Dam: Kawliga
Bred & Sold by: Howdy Tucker
Congratulations to Mason Allan


Bronze Hereford Steer
Sire: Right On Time
Bred by: Bradley Hales
Sold by: Quincy West, Luke James
Congratulations to Ace James

Show Steer Junior Nationals I Polled Herefords

Champion Polled Hereford Steer
Sire: Battle Cry
Dam: Hereford Cow
Bred by: Kellison
Sold by: Jay Carr & Kellison
Congratulations to Brynlee Swan


Reserve Polled Hereford Steer
Sire: Battle Cry
Dam: Made Right
Sold by: Tyler Womack
Congratulations to Landry Allan


Bronze Polled Hereford Steer
Sire: Highway 33
Dam: C79
Bred by: Creed Marsh
Sold by: Brian Martin
Congratulations to Corbin Marsh

Steer Showing on Sunday

Watch all day from Abilene at the Show Steer Junior Nationals on livestocklivemedia.com


Daily Schedule | Sunday, July 25th 2021

Show Steer Junior Nationals (Abilene, TX)
7:15am – Gospel & Goodies Church Service – Telecom Arena


8:20am – National Anthem & Prayer


8:30am – The Junior National Steer Show Continues In The Telecom Arena
Polled Hereford, Hereford, Shorthorn, Red Cross, Smoky Cross, Yellow Cross,
Paint, Black Cross, Aoc
*Livestream Available On Livestock Live
Judge: Tyler Norvell and Brent Murphy


9:00am – Tradeshow Vendors Open 9Am-5Pm
Announcement Of All Star Sellers Top 10
Grand Drive & Selection Of Top 5 Overall Steers

Happy Sunday!

“He who kneels before God can stand before anyone.”