Sullivan’s Lakeside Lights are specifically engineered – no heat, 24-volt lights that will chase the shadows away! Made from the highest quality LED crystals on the market – providing the best illumination available! Each circuit board is placed inside an extruded aluminum housing, making these lights light weight with a slim design. Durable and moisture resistant! One unique feature of Sullivan’s Lakeside Lights is the detailed design and directional lighting. Each strip targets an area of your choosing, which makes more light in the areas that need it. The entire kit of lights connect to each other for one continuous stretch of lighting without needing multiple power supplies (each kit is powered by one 185W power supply). Each light gives you two options for mounting: Magnets (built into the housing of each light) for steel chutes, steel fan cages and other equipment or Velcro straps for aluminum (velcro straps easily slide through the built in brackets and fasten with no overlap). Either option makes for a smooth, low profile attachment to any item!


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