Becca Moore and Randy Mullinix share their victory of having Grand and Reserve Grand Horned Hereford Heifers!

Mark Kelley dials in on a top.

Dalton Smith uses Sullivan’s Copper Touch Up paint.

Congratulations to the Hoffman Crew on having a successful day!

Jake Waldrip uses Sullivan’s Tail Adhesive to work on a tailhead.

Thank you to Buck Cattle Co for trusting in Sullivan Supply products!

John Kirchner uses Sullivan’s Powderful to finish up a tailhead.

The Colyer crew going to work on one of many Hereford females of the day.

Mason Allan makes his way in to the ring for the grand drive.

Jungles Shorthorn Farms had a successful day in the Shorthorn pen shows!

Griswold Cattle Company getting their pen bulls ready today.

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