National Western | Open Shorthorn Females – Junior Heifer Calves

Grand Champion Junior Heifer Calf
SULL Martha’s BO 7974E ET
Sire:Little Cedar Aviator 503X
Dam: SULL Bo’s Martha 4101
Bred by: Sara Sullivan
Congratulations to Madison McCormick

Reserve Grand Champion Junior Heifer Calf
CF CSF Dream Lady 78 AV X ET
Sire: Little Cedar Aviator 503X
Dam: CYT Dream Lady 0103 ET
Bred by: Cates Farms
Congratulations to Cornerstone Farms

NEW Sullivan’s Fitters Guard

Sullivan’s Fitters Guard was designed for fitters in mind. This guard allows you to fit your animal in the stall while keeping them standing still and you protected. This easy to assemble stall fitting guard is quick to install and easy to adjust at any time. Adjustments include the width adjustments of 34” OD-44” OD length adjustments from 34” OD – 57” OD and side bar adjustments 30” – 50”. It quickly folds up for a space saving storage mode. For use only on animals that are broke and are used to being groomed. Do not use without securing it to front panels.

National Western | Open Shorthorn Females – Senior Heifer Calves

Grand Champion Senior Heifer Calf
CF Dream Lady 6127 AV ET
Sire: Little Cedar Aviator 503X
Dam: CYT Dream Lady 0103 ET
Bred by Cates Farms
Congratulations to Elley Inskeep

Reserve Grand Champion Senior Heifer Calf
GCC Homecoming Queen 69 ET
Sire:SULL Red Reward 9321
Dam: WHR Homecoming Queen 99
Bred by: Luke Turner
Congratulations to Collin Britton

National Western | Open Shorthorn Females – Early Spring Heifer Calves

Grand Champion Early Spring Heifer Calf
CF HHF Margie 750 HC X ET
Sire: Free K-Kim Hot Commodity
Dam: CF Margie 9114 SOL ET
Bred By: Cates Farms
Congratulations to Jacob Nikkel

Reserve Grand Champion Early Heifer Calf
SS Augusta Pride 763
Sire: Free K-Kim Hot Commodity
Dam: SS Augusta Pride 140 ET
Bred by: Schrag Shorthorn Farms
Congratulations to Samantha Schrag

National Western | Open Shorthorn Females – Late Spring Heifer Calves

Grand Champion Late Spring Heifer Calf
CF Max Rosa 7100 HC X ET
Sire: Free K-Kim Hot Commodity
Dam: CYT Max Rosa 1111 ET
Bred by: Cates Farms
Congratulations to David Smith

Reserve Grand Champion Late Spring Heifer Calf
GCC Premium Revival 934 ET
SULL Premium Reward 5087 ET
Dam: SS Revival 934 ET
Bred by: Kolten Greenhorn
Congratulations to Sara Britton

National Western | Shorthorn Bulls

Champion Shorthorn Bull
SULL RGLC Legacy 525 ET
Sire: SULL Red Reward 9321
Dam: SULL Mirage Forever 8121 ET
Bred by: Sullivan Farms/Rocking G Shorthorns
Congratulations to Sullivan Farms/Rocking G Shorthorns

Reserve Shorthorn Bull
CF V8 Marksman X
Sire: CF Trademark
SULL Fool’s Delight ET
Bred by: Luke and Catherine Neumeyer
Congratulations to Luke and Catherine Neumeyer

Flare Hoodie Winner

Congratulations to Thomas Netzke the winner of the Flare hoodie at the National Western Stock Show. Pictured with Sullivan Supply show manager Bryce Tiffany.

National Western | Open Chianina

Grand Champion Chianina Female
Sire: Daddy’s Money
Dam: FLNM Who Da Man
Bred by: Wyatt Malone
Sold by: Wyatt Malone and Fitz Genetics
Congratulations to Hadley Dunklau

Reserve Grand Champion Chianina Female
JSUL Who Dat Cat 7184ET
Sire: Silveiras Style 9303
Dam: SSUL Who Dat Darling
Bred by: Sara Sullivan
Congratulations to Sara Sullivan

2018 National Western Stock Show | Breeders Spotlight: Boyert-Core Show Cattle

Boyert Show Cattle and Core Farms are family owned and operated farms that are located in Seville, Ohio and Pleasantville, Iowa. They have come together to become one of the top show cattle operations in the United States. Together they run about 130 cows, 50 head in Ohio, and about 80 head in Iowa. Boyert-Core Show Cattle is run by Jared and his wife Bailey, Jake, and Clayton Boyert. Together the Boyert’s and Core’s have an annual fall sale. They also have embryo, fall born heifer, and bred heifer sales.

Starting out raising Shorthorns, Boyert’s have branched out into a multiple breed operation. They have really started to focus their sights on the Charolais breed over the last couple of years, and have had a lot of success with it. Jared stated “We’ve had a lot of luck at it and met some really good people, that really helped us out along the way when we first got started.” Their success with the Charolais all started when they purchased a bred heifer, and shortly after that they decided to purchase some embryos as well. They only have about 20 Charolais cows but they hope that the number continues to grow as the years go on.

Even though the family operation makes a living off of selling show cattle, they also try and put a big emphasis on making good cattle, not just something that is going to be a show heifer. They have been trying really hard, especially in the last couple years, to have cattle that have good utters and good feet and have something that customers can build off of. Jared, Jake, and Clayton started out doing this for a 4-H project and struggled for a long time. The Cates family really helped out the Boyert’s and they were able to really learn from them and Jared was even able to work for them for several years. Now that they have built a successful operation, it is important to Jared that he works with his brothers, because he enjoys doing it as a family.

The National Western is a highlight for Boyert-Core Show Cattle every year. They have been fortunate to have some great success since they started exhibiting at the national show in 2004. They have accolades of Reserve Grand Champion Charolais in 2016, Grand Champion Maintainer in 2015, and Reserve Grand Champion Shorthorn in 2011. Jared’s favorite part of the National Western is being able to see so many cattle in one location, especially the large emphasis on bulls. The neatest thing to Jared is walking through the yards and going through all of the breeds and watching the pen bull shows. The Boyerts enjoy seeing what other people do, such as the operations that strictly put their emphasis on bulls, selling show heifers, or just focusing on bred heifers. There is a lot of emphasis in every direction and there are so many different backgrounds that are represented at the National Western.

The main goal of Boyert-Core Show Cattle is to continue to work together – both with the in-laws and brothers. Even though it is not always easy working with multiple people, it is extremely important to them that they do it as a family. They wish to continue to help the people that support and help them, and their customer base. They work with a lot of first time show families and they really focus on helping them, because they’ve been in their shoes before. “We want to help somebody achieve the same opportunity that a lot of people helped my brothers and I achieve” says Jared.

Boyert-Core Show cattle is a dominant force in the show cattle industry and they will continue to work and achieve helping the people in the industry that helped build them into the success that they are now.