Minnesota Beef Expo | Junior Breeding Heifers – Foundation Simmental

Champion Foundation Simmental Heifer
Sire: Mr HOC Broker
Dam: Angus
Bred by: Matthews Cattle Co.
Sold by: Hauge Cattle Co., Bob May
Congratulations to Shawn Marg!

No Photo Available
Reserve Champion Foundation Simmental Heifer
RTL Glory’s Dream Girl
Sire: HILB/SHER Glory Road
Dam: BC Lookout 7024
Bred by: Loerzel Family Farms
Congratulations to Lindsey Loerzel!

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Minnesota Beef Expo | Sunday, October 22

8:00am Breeding Heifer Show & Prospect Calves
Ring 1 – Judge: Curt Rincker, Shelbyville, Illinois – View show program here

Show Order
Foundation Simmental
Red Angus
South Devon
Composite Charolais
British White Park

Ring 2 – Judge: Kirk Stierwalt, Leedey, Oklahoma – View show program here

Show Order
Prospect Steers
Prospect Heifers
Supreme Champion Prospect Calf Selection

A Royal Affair | American Royal

Bobby Maddox and Jon Sweeny put the smoke on the Grand Champion steer.

Isaiah Bridwell whips out the big shears on a back leg.

Congratulations to Baylor Bonham on having a Reserve Champion steer.

Andrew Chandler is in full concentration on this tail head.

Micheal Stoltz uses Sullivan’s Powderful on a class winning steer.

Baylor Bonham uses Sullivan’s Tail Adhesive on his Reserve Grand Champion steer.

What do you mean our class is going in?

Jake Campbell does some last minute touch ups before going in the ring.

Tyler Atwood and Jerrod Arthur dial in on the back legs.

Kassidy Bremer makes her way to the show ring.

Travis Otterstad uses the new Sullivan’s Flare on the Reserve Champion steer.

Ty Webster gives some last minute pointers.

Bobby and Mandi Maddox share a special moment.

Minnesota Beef Expo | Saturday Candids

Sullivan’s Tail Adhesive is a must-have for show day!

Christian Netzke clips the top on his class-winning steer.

Michael Lautner takes a snooze before the market show.

Alexis Ostrom is ecstatic after her heifer is selected as Reserve Grand Champion Market Animal!

Ryan Blagg shows his calf in the market show.

Luke Streit fits a back leg.

Lincoln Lunning uses a Sullivan’s Smart Comb on his calf.