Sullivan’s Skin Shield – Daily Show Pig Conditioner with Bug Defense – NOW IN STOCK

Sullivan’s new Skin Shield is a show pig daily liquid conditioner with insect defending properties just for your pigs! This lotion enhances a shiny, smooth appearance to the skin and hair of your hogs without drying it out over time. The bug defense lotion is recommended to be used daily or weeks leading up to the show for a bright, vibrant look to the skin. Sullivan’s Skin Shield is infused with sunflower seed oil and Aloe Vera that provides additional conditioning, helping repair the skin on your hogs.

Little Aces Novice Program at the Maine-Anjou Jr National

Calling ALL Littles! The American Junior Maine-Angus Association wants you to be a part of the Little Aces Novice Program! There is NO minimum age (8 or under). Sure Champ have helped us put together four afternoon activities specifically for YOU! Little Aces are also invited to sign up at check-in for Quiz Bowl, Livestock Judging and Showmanship. Sign-up for the Little Aces program at the link below!

Sign Up Here!

Shared from the American Junior Maine-Anjou Association

Healthy Hide Lotion LITE

• Use Healthy Hide LITE during the summer months or when it is above 65 degrees Fahrenheit.
• Soothes irritation from shearing.
• Penetrates deep to the hide to recondition skin.
• Designed for after shearing protection and hide conditioning.