National Junior Shorthorn Show – Purebred Heifers

GC-ShorthornGrand Champion Purebred Female – exhibited by: Nick Sullivan, IA
SULL Wild Cherri 3269 ET
Sire: SULL Right Direction; Bred by: Sullivan Farms

Reserve Grand Champion Purebred Female – Adrianne Trennepohl, IN
CF Cumberland 334 SOL X ET
Sire: CF Solution; Bred by: Cates Farms

Third Overall Purebred Female – Nick Sullivan, IA
SULL Red Traveler 2405 ET
Sire: SULL Traveler; Bred by: Sullivan Farms

Fourth Overall Purebred Female – Andrew Hodges, KS
SULL Crystal’s First ET
Sire: SULL Right Direction; Bred by: Sullivan Farms

Fifth Overall Purebred Female – Bailey Core, IA
BOY Cumberland 221 ET
Sire: CF Trump; Bred by: Boyert Show Cattle

Congratulations to all the exhibitors at this year’s National Junior Shorthorn Show!

Hot Shots Day 6

IMG_1119Just another point of view of a champion. Konner Kirkpatrick with his Grand Champion ShorthornPlus Female from the 2014 National Junior Shorthorn Show.

IMG_1128Caleb Ramsey and parents patiently waiting in the make up ring for their class.

IMG_1135Tyler and Cortney Cates taking in a Shorthorn heifer class. We can’t wait for the arrival of baby Cates!

IMG_1143Looks like Caden Kephart is getting a little help from his sister.

IMG_1161Nothing better than seeing a smile on a kid’s face. Great job today Dylan Soutter “Scooter”. Your hard work is noticed by all.

IMG_1204The Cyclone Trace Cattle Co. hard at work getting their show string ready.

IMG_0632No better product than Sullivan Supply’s Black Finisher to finish the perfect leg.