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Lot 1
Category: Embryos
Type: IVF Sexed Female
Registered Name: SULL Lady Crystal 434p-1
Registration #: 4235128CL
Embryos Sired By: CF Solution
Quantity: 4
Description: SULL Lady Crystal 434p is another donor in our shorthorn and shorthorn plus program that has clicked to every bull we have done her to. Her CF Solution calves have seen a ton of success in the showring producing; SULL Crystals Tootie 2026 that was the 2013 NAILE open and Jr Show Champion Shorthorn female along with the 2013 American Royal Champion Female. And SULL Pure Crystal was the 2016 Illinois fair open show champion Shorthorn female shown by the Herzog family.

Lot 5
Category: Embryos
Type: IVF Sexed Female
Registered Name: SULL Myrtle Bo 46p-3
Registration #: 4217008CL
Embryos Sired By: SULL Red Knight 2030
Quantity: 4
Description: SULL Myrtle Bo has been one of those donors that works to every bull we have ever tried on her and she has stood the test over time raising champion and sale toppers year after year. Her SULL Red Knight calves have been as good and consistent as any of SULL Myrtle BoÍs progeny has ever been born. æFull sisters to these embryos include, SULL BoÍs Martha 4101 that was the 2015 reserve champion at the national Jr heifer show and also was champion female at the 2015 NAILE open and Jr shows. æMore champions include John GellermanÍs grand champion female at the 2018 Illinois State Fair open æShorthorn Show, and æSULL Myrtle Bo 6120 that was 5th overall at the 2017 National Jr Heifer Show for the Obrecht family. Big time mating from one of the best cows in the breed.

Lot 10
Category: Embryos
Type: IVF nonsexed
Registered Name: JSUL Jalynn 344
Registration #: CHI334061
Embryos Sired By: CF Solution
Quantity: 4
Description: One of the most dominant shorthorn plus mating to come out of Sullivan Farms. JSUL Jalynn has raised sale toppers and champions year after year. One of the most successful results from this mating is SULL Jalynn 0904 ñSteinerî that was the 2011 American Royal and NAILE Supreme Champion Female over all breeds. Most recently a full sister sold thru the 2018 Maternal Legends sale for $54,000. SULL Revolution on of the most powerful maternally designed herd sires to ever come out of Sullivan Farms is a full brother to these embryos as well. Note these embryos are Shorthorn Plus and 12.82% Chianina.æ

Lot 14
Category: Semen
Registered Name: SULL Ferrari
Registration #: AR4241357
Quantity: 3

Sullivan’s Black Velvet Hair Dye

• Thicker formula that produces a brighter black, deeper down to the roots
• Longer holding power with a proven, no burn formula

Step 1
Mix 4-6 kits equal parts Dye (black bottle) and equal parts Activator (red bottle) into a pump up sprayer, spray bottle or a blower fogger (set spray setting on mist NOT stream). Add a splash of Kleen Sheen if desired.

Step 2
Shake Well

Step 3
Apply half evenly across the hair coat comb in, and then spray the rest where more is needed. Apply heavier amounts to the more excessive brown areas.

Step 4
Leave in for 20-30 min. 35 min MAX (if the temperature is warmer place animal under a fan) Never leave animal under direct sunlight while dye is applied.

Step 5
Once time is up rinse entire body until water runs clear. Make sure to get under the tail, belly and between legs these are the sensitive areas.

Step 6
Use Vita Hair Volumizer shampoo to remove any solution left behind. Gently scrub entire calf especially the sensitive areas. Then rinse.

Step 7
Once animal is blown completely dry use Revive or Revive Lite to condition the hair, maximizing the full brilliant black color of Black Velvet.



Grimmel Girls Show Cattle Spring Online Sale is Thursday, March 28th hosted by Lowderman Auction Options
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September Polled Heifer

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October Polled Heifer

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October Polled Bull / Steer

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Yearling Scurred Bull

Lot 6
Choice Embryos

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Happy Birthday, Taylor!

Sullivan Supply would like to wish our very own Taylor Harrison, Manager of Stock Show University, a very Happy Birthday!! If you’re at the Oklahoma Youth Expo be sure to stop and wish her a Happy Birthday!