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The Fryeburg Youth Show will also feature Stock Show University clinics with Master Professor Josh Elder!

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2014 Sullivan Supply/Stock Show University Scholarship Winners

Since the inception of the Distinguished $20,000 Sullivan Supply/ Stock Show University Youth Scholarship program we have gifted over $100,000 in scholarships to an amazing group of highly talented young adults.  We have had the great honor to read thousands of applications about how lives have been molded by our great livestock industry.  This year was no exception.  We received 1216 applications from 45 states and Canada.  This is a record number of participants.  From all of us at Sullivan Supply, thank you.  It’s been an inspiration and an honor to watch you develop and reach for your goals.

We also want to send a big thank you out to the scholarship selection committee of industry leaders (non-Sullivan Supply employees or family members) who volunteered their time for our mission.

Congratulations to all our 1216 applicants.


John and Dede Sullivan, Sullivan Supply, Inc., and Dan Sullivan, Sullivan Supply South, Inc.  And our entire staff and dealers.

Amanda R Bacon – Arkansas
National Junior Hereford Association director, this young woman is not only a top competitor in the show ring, but has the leadership and competitiveness to succeed in her duties as director.

Calli Bayer – Wisconsin
Three time supreme champion beef showman, WI state fair.  One of the best in the ring, nationally.  Breeder of her own national quality red and black Angus.  Involved in every aspect of cattle production.

Sponsored with Kegley Show Supply

Drake Bishop –  Florida
With odds stacked against Drake, not from a cattle or ag background, he rises.  A tremendously talented cattle breeder and fitter.  Proof with hard work the American dream still lives on.

Sponsored with Rudd Show Supply

Lindsay Bowman – Colorado
Past heavy involvement in the bred and owned division created Lindsay’s own 50 head herd and sharpened her eye to become a nationally successful evaluator.

Jessica C Burson – New Mexico
Her extreme integrity and passion for success have enabled her to set records . As Miss Roswell 2014, she goals herself to not only fight against childhood obesity, but to be Miss America 2015.

Koby Lee Cone – New Mexico
KOBY CONE038 crop
This future Animal Science major not only has the smarts to succeed, but great talent and experience to boot. This young man is dedicated to doing what it takes to win, and that’s what gives him the edge over the rest.

Richard “Richie” Wade DeMoss – Texas
Winning Grand Champion on numerous occasions hasn’t changed his humble and hardworking personality.  His long list of activities and community service make him a star in and out of the ring!

Kelly Nicole Garrett – Texas
This talented young woman is not only a winner in the show ring, but a leader in her community, as well. A future Bovine Embryologist that is well on her way to academic and showmanship glory!

Sponsored with Rockin’ M Show Supply

Melissa Grimmel – Maryland
An absolute fire cracker filled with industry knowledge.  Her unique skill set as a showman and her livestock photography creativity makes her one of our brightest young stars.

Jessica Lynn Harsh – Ohio
A true leader and very involved.  She is a difference-maker.  AJCA queen, board member, grand champion showman at Ohio state fair and a national competitor that helps others.

Sponsored with White Show Supply, Provico, Ohio Valley Show Supply and Highland Enterprises

Brooke Jensen – Kansas
How do you become the president of your 4-H club, county council, NHS, high school class and captain of your sport’s team?  You lead!  2014 National Hereford Queen.  Takes pride in being hands-on in all phases of production in the family cattle operation.

Sponsored with Valley Vet

Anna Krieger – Indiana
Potent Simmental and Hereford breeder of champions.  Past AJSA trustee.  Just bred the champion Hereford bull at the NAILE, from her own program.

Sponsored with Sinnamon Show Supply

Charles (Hank) LeVan – Ohio
Perhaps the most qualified Sullivan Scholarship winner of the 1216 applicants.  Hank’s talent in livestock production, evaluating and fitting unmatched.

Sponsored with White Show Supply, Provico, Ohio Valley Show Supply and Highland Enterprises

Marie Lock – Illinois
An accomplished high overall livestock judging team leader with major accomplishments in the Hereford arena.  Current president of the Illinois Junior Beef Assn.  Leads with class and humble sportsmanship.

Jason May – Minnesota
The epitome of what the Sullivan scholarship stands for.  This NJHA board member has a heart of gold and puts himself through college fitting and clipping.  One of the best young fitters in America.

Jonathan Paul McAnulty – Texas
He pushes for gold in everything he does in the show ring and in all aspects of life. He says that we was, “Raised in a barn,” which has made him not only successful in his show career, but made him into the responsible and confident young man he is today.

Elizabeth Nixon – Virginia
Accomplished national livestock evaluator, Virginia Beef Queen, Director VAJAA, outstanding role model in and out of the ring.  Her drive and diversified ag background shaped her.

Sponsored with Heart Felt Show Supply

Jack Oattes – Cobden, Ontario, Canada
How much dedication and desire must a young man have to travel to the other side of the continent (TX) to be part of a successful livestock judging program?  Member of champion judging team,2014, NWSS and FWSS.

Sponsored with RK Show Supply

Kate Shaffer – Missouri
Desire, drive, determination.  She lives and breathes the livestock industry.  A national champion heifer, AIJCA board member and maintains a 4.0 GPA with an active schedule.

Sponsored with Mid-Missouri Feeds

Shannon M White – Oklahoma
Shannon White
Her academic record is impeccable, and she has been a show Queen, a Meat Judging top competitor, and a force to be reckoned with in the ring. Her passion and knowledge makes her a perfect candidate to be a future leader in the industry!

With 1216 applications we wanted to make sure and recognize our Gold List applicants!
Taryn Adcock – IL
Callie Akins – GA
Cameron Anderson – TX
Samantha Anthony – MD
Kyle Bajer – TX
Reighly Blakley – OK
Brent Boland – MO
Will Bollum – MN
Clayton Boyert – OH
Hannah Burrough – TX
Rachael Buzanowski – MT
Mackenzie Cash – WI
Morgan Cavitt – TX
Madison Chaney – OK
Shelby Rae Coats – TX
Brody Coffelt – TX
Brittany Conkey – OH
Katie Dodge – NV
Megan Dragstrem – IN
Ty Dybdal – ME
Shea Esser – WI
Macy Favorite – TN
Dulcie Fields – TX
Jennifer Fisk – CA
Francesca Gambonini – CA
Cody Garrett – TX
Blaine Geppert – SD
Chandler Gordon – TX
Cammi Gregory – OK
Grayson Gregory – TX
Colby Hales – WY
Elizabeth Heaton – IL
Haley Herzog – TX
Allison Higgins – TN
Jessica Humphrey – FL
Sarah Johnson – OH
Megan Johnson – OK
Jessica Judge – CA
Kayla Keahey – TX
Haley Knieling – OR
Mattie Lastovica – TX
Sarah Linn – OK
Trent Lintzen – TX
Tony Lopes – CA
Jenna Maltbie – OK
Anna Maulsby – TX
Jansen Merrill – TX
Jessica Middleswarth – WY
Kaylee Miller – IA
Kody Miller – MS
Tyler Mogford – TX
Audra Montgomery – ND
Cheyenne Moyer – AR
Micah Newton – TX
Shannon Nigh – AZ
Richard Pearson – TX
Macy Perry – CA
Amber Pickard – MI
Mary Katherine Pittman – FL
Ashley Radde – TX
Kelly Raterink – MI
Trent Ray – IL
John Reasor – GA
JD Rosman – WA
Cody Salmon – AR
Ty Sexton – IA
Riley Sieren – IA
Jacob Smith – AL
Chyann Smith – IA
Mitchell Smith – IN
Erin Steele – IA
Chandler Steele – MI
Miranda Stotz – OK
Hunter Tauzin – LA
Shelby Teague – CO
Addie Thomason – GA
Adrianne Trennepohl – IN
Nathan Truckenbrod – IL
Blake Tucker – NE
Katlyn Tunstill – AR
Audrey Vasquez – TX
Jena Lee Wagner – MT
Kelsie Waitt – IN
Andrew Weaver – MI
Jessica Webster – IA
Kaila Williams – OK
Kim Wilson – TX
Amy Wolff – MN

What Drives Value In a Feedyard Steer?

Is there a “holy grail” of feedyard efficiency, the one factor that will determine the color of ink at the bottom of the closeout?

Yes and no. While there are several factors that determine the value of a feedyard steer hanging on the rail, and therefore its potential profitability, one stands out—and that’s dry matter conversion or feed efficiency.

That’s what Decatur County Feedyard at Oberlin, KS, discovered when it analyzed a data set of 185,000 animals. While all feedyards are very intense in their data collection and analysis, Decatur County takes it to a higher level, individually identifying all the cattle it feeds and selling the cattle on the same grid to the same packer every week, which allows them to collect individual carcass data.

According to Kevin Unger, manager of the Decatur County Feedyard, looking at the data just on a lot-by-lot basis revealed that there was routinely a spread of from $554 to nearly $1,200/head difference in value. “That’s a huge number,” he says, and one that, if the reasons for the differences can be identified, can help a cattle feeder swing the odds very much in his favor.

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So they looked at the individual data from each animal. Since there was a wide range of weights and prices, they slid all cattle to 625 lbs. in-weight and standardized prices at $6/bu. corn and $120/cwt. fed cattle. Those were the market averages at the time they did the analysis several years ago.

“What we found was, for us, dry matter conversion amounted to 35% (of the value of the carcass); carcass traits (quality grade and yield grade) amounted to 30%; carcass weight was 18%; and animal health was 17%,” Unger says.

In addition, he says market timing is a big factor in profitability. “Nobody in our outfit is good enough to tell you what the market is going to do,” he admits. So they look at historical data, which tells them that there are two highs in the fed cattle market – in the spring, usually in April; and a smaller peak in the fall.

“That’s a big concept for us,” Unger says. “And it also shows in our data on profitability. So market timing is one of the best hedges you can have against market volatility.”

Beyond that, his experience shows that how cattle are managed prior to their arrival at the feedyard has an effect on value. “We can have the best genetics in the world, but if we don’t manage them properly, we cannot make progress. So best management practices drive value, whether it’s animal health, nutrition, animal handling, animal welfare, whatever it is. Don’t forget the things that keep us in business.”

Shared from Beef Magazine

Hidden Oaks Ranch Online Sale

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 8.57.28 AM

Name: Oaks Sophie3049
Ear Tag: 3049
Sire: TH 75J 243R Bailout 144U ET
Dam: K&B Sultana 8051U
Breed: Polled Hereford
D.O.B: 3/3/13
Reg. Number: P43369260
AHA LinkClick here for Pedigree
VideoClick here for video
Comments: Sophie is the product of an embryo we purchased from Jason Hoffman and she has the genetics of the winners that he produces. We have shown this heifer in the past. Judges have said that, from the shoulder forward she doesn’t have that choke neck show heifer look, but she has so much to offer as a cow. She has a big top, big rib and big belly and is super sound. She is easy doing and you will love feeding her. 3049 is donor quality and right kind for producing high quality calves. She sells open and ready to breed to the bull of your choice.