Happy Birthday Nathan!

We want to wish a very Happy Birthday to Nathan Ohl! Nathan helps to create all of the Sullivan Supply leather products. We appreciate all that he does! Hope your day is great.


On the NINTH day of Christmas…

Sullivan Supply brings you…Sullivan’s Teflon Combs
Get more leg hair perfection with Sullivan’s NEW Teflow Combs. The NEW show day comb for leg grooming. Teflon is a solid polymer that is considered to be one of the world’s most slippery and water resistant substances. It has one of the lowest measured coefficients of friction of any compound. For our application, it creates a baked-on surface to the comb teeth for reduced friction and a non-stick lubricant that allows the comb to glide through the hair easier, especially with a sticky substance like adhesives. Available in both regular and fluffer.

Kansas Beef Expo PeeWee Fitting Team

We were so thrilled to have this great team of peewees participate in the Team Fitting Contest at the Kansas Beef Expo. Check out this fun video from the Kansas Beef Expo.

On the EIGHTH day of Christmas…

Sullivan Supply brings you…
Sullivan’s Exotic Skin Exhibitor Clips
A true fashion statement! Authentic alligator or ostrich skins attached to leather hide backing and finished with chrome plated studs. Easily clips onto belt or pocket.

Sullivan’s Hair-on Hide Exhibitor Clips
A true western look! Authentic hair-on-cow hides, not a synthetic look-a-like.
With this in mind, actual color patterns can be slightly different than those