Purdue AGR Top 5 Steers

Grand Champion Steer
Sire: Monopoly
Raised By Frank Ward, Blaine Rodgers
Sold By Tracy Goretska, Matt Lautner Cattle, Jake Campbell, Jerrod Arthur, Dylan Evans
Congratulations to Andrew Hodges

Reserve Grand Champion Steer
Sire: Heat Wave
Raised By Chad Thompson
Sold By Tracy Goretska, Brad Otto
Congratulations to Kayla Morrow.

Third Overall
Congratulations to Riley Bradshaw

Fourth Overall
Congratulations to Connor Utterback

Fifth Overall
Congratulations to Cheyenne Bowman

Trusted by Champions – Iowa Beef Expo

heifer_trustedCongratulations to Maddy Udell on a very successful Iowa Beef Expo and we want to thank you for trusting the Sullivan Supply line on grooming products on your champion.

steer_trusteedAnother congrats to Maggie Ferguson on having champion steer this year.

IMG_6042The Streittmatter brothers working on the 3rd Overall steer.


Wade Rodgers in action as he perfects a tail head.

IMG_5963Cole Greiman fitting the top line on a calf.

IMG_5960Kyle Greiman had intense focus while fitting the backleg.

IMG_5905 Nate Tice or lovingly referred to as Tijuana Tice working on perfecting a tail.

Tracy Goretska adding the final touches to a calf.

IMG_5792JR Spear part of Wade Rodgers crew clipping clipping a top line.


Iowa Beef Expo – Thats a Wrap

All the shows are over and what a better way to reflect on the days events than a few candid photos from the Iowa Beef Expo grand drives.

A great lineup of junior breeding females.

Maggie Ferguson all smiles after the show.

staffMarty Lewis, Mallory Bormann, Mindy Campfield, Sara Vickland, Jenny Studer, and Dennis Larson at the backdrop post Supreme Drive. This entire crew should be thanked for their tireless work in hosting the Iowa Beef Expo.

Maddy Udell had a great day in the Iowa State Fair pavilion.

Judge Mark Hoge talking the grand steer lineup.

grand_steer_slapMaggie Ferguson receiving the slap for champion steer from judge Mark Hoge.

Iowa Beef Expo – Top 5 Market Animals

Grand Champion Market Animal
Champion Crossbred Steer
Sire: Monopoly
Bred by: Snake Run
Sold by: Rodgers
Congratulations to Maggie Ferguson

Reserve Grand Champion Market Animal
Sire: Ready 2 Rumble
Bred by: Sutera Show Stock
Sold by: Matt Lautner Cattle
Congratulations to Abi Henderson

Third Overall
Grand Champion Charolais Steer
Sire: Fu Man Chu
Dam: Purebred Charolais
Sold by: Wade Rodgers
Congratulations to Elizabeth Jones.

Fourth Overall
Reserve Grand Champion Charolias Steer
Sire: Gold Rush
Dam: Purebred Charolais
Sold by: Goretska
Congratulations to Joe Herr.

Fifth Overall
Grand Champion Maine Anjou Steer
Sire: MAB
Dam: Mr Clean
Bred by: Brad Larson
Sold by: Ewing, Coblentz, and Kelley
Congratulations to Morgan Snyder

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Iowa Beef Expo – Top 5 Breeding Heifers

Supreme Champion Breeding Heifer
Grand Champion Angus Heifer
Sire: EXAR Blue Chip 1877
Dam: Penner Mulben Pride 909
Bred by: Kyle Conley
Congratulations to Maddy Udell.

Reserve Supreme Champion Breeding Female
Champion Simmental Female
Sire: Broker
Dam: Miss Kansa
Bred by: Jone Show Cattle
Sold by: Paulsen, May, Guyer
Congratulations to Maddy Udell.

Third Overall
Grand Champion Commercial Heifer
Sire: Who Da Man
Dam: sull 6640 heatseaker x 6651 stockman
Bred by: Sara Sullivan
Congratulations to Sara Sullivan

Fourth Overall
Reserve Grand Champion Commercial Heifer
Division IV Champion
Sire: Interstate
Dam: Chantel
Bred by: Faber Show Cattle
Congratulations to Brandon Hagie.

Fifth Overall
Grand Champion Percentage Simmental Female
Sire: Broker
Dam: El Capitan
Bred by: Michael Harrell
Sold by: Jeff Paulson
Congratulations to Maddy Udell

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