Twisted South Show Supply

Sullivan Supply Dealer, Twisted South will be at the Gwinnett County Fair through the 21st. “We have been here since the 10th and have met some great people. Hope to see you this week and don’t forget we sharpen blades!!”
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ISU boar sells for $85,000

For $85,000, you could buy a 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray or a two-bedroom house in Ames. If swine is more your cup of tea, you could have bought the winning boar at the 2014 National Barrow Show.
Iowa State was well-represented this year in Austin, Minn., at the National Barrow Show and Auction in early September. In preparation for the national show, 14 students and their mentors loaded two truckloads of pigs to exhibit. Little did they know they were loading the Grand Champion Truckload as well as the 2014 Grand Champion Boar that would sell for $85,000.
“We really hit the home run with this [boar],” said Greg Krahn, graduate student in animal science and manager of Iowa State’s swine farm.
Krahn, a Wisconsin native, holds the swine industry “near and dear” to his heart. As swine farm manager, he supervises students as they provide care for the animals being raised at the ISU teaching farms.
The winning boar, a Duroc, was born in mid-February and was provided individual pre-show care for nearly two months before the competition. At a finished weight of 400 pounds and nearly ideal confirmation, the students were excited to see the product of their efforts compete in the show ring.
Ben Drescher, ISU farm coordinator and supervisor, was full of nervous anticipation as the boar confidently entered the ring.
“He was tremendously wide-based with a heavy skeleton and was uniquely athletic,” Drescher said. “The judge called him a beast.”
Duroc hogs are known for their growth efficiency, meat quality and commercial popularity. Drescher and his team knew the ring was brimming with competition, but they believed their hog held enough potential to bring Iowa State to victory.
Finally, the judge shook Krahn’s hand after Iowa State’s Duroc boar won the 2014 National Barrow Show.
Lexi Marek, sophomore in public service and administration in agriculture, volunteers at the teaching farm and attended the show. She proudly said that Iowa State is “putting itself back on the map.”
Krahn agreed. He said this prestigious achievement has inspired him to continue his work with Iowa State and he hopes to have strong representation in future shows.
Iowa State’s boar was sold to A Cut Above Boar Stud and Huinker Durocs LTD for $85,000.
“[A price of] $85,000 is hard to believe,” Marek said. “This investment shows that the future of agriculture is really strong.”
The money from this sale will be reinvested into the swine farm and spent on maintenance and introduction of new genetics.
Drescher said this accomplishment is a strong reflection of the dedication ISU students have.
“They are a great group of kids. They know their stuff and have the experience to back their efforts,” Drescher said. “They take ownership in the livestock.”
He said he is thankful for the network of students and alumni who support the farm in its efforts.
Krahn said the achievement is something of which ISU students and community can be proud.
Story by Emily Samuelson

Kansas Junior Livestock Show

Kansas youth have entered 1,733 livestock projects in the Kansas Junior Livestock Show, Wichita, KS September 19-22. 760 4-H and FFA members from 90 counties plan to bring 126 market steers, 308 breeding heifers, 332 market hogs, 131 breeding gilts, 275 market lambs, 236 meat goats and 105 commercial doe kids with the champions in each species selling Monday evening in the KJLS Auctions of Champions. We are excited to have Sheila Jensen, a great friend of The Pulse helping us out at this event!

Garwood Cattle Co Breeders World Online Sale

Garwood Cattle Co
Breeders World Online Sale
September 18th

Lot 4
Sire: Milk Man
Dam: N117 (Ground Zero x Jack Frost)
D.O.B: February

Lot 2
Sire: Chocolate Milk
Dam: Lily (Storm Chaser x Grizz)
D.O.B: February

Lot 1   
Sire: Broker   
Dam: P29 (Avalanche)   
Breed: PB Simmental   
D.O.B: February

Lot 18
Sire: Monopoly
Dam: Firegirl (MS IMPRESSIVE0641 x Fire Water)
Breed: Composite Charolais
D.O.B: March