Sullivan’s Carbon Fiber Show Stick

Constructed from high-end carbon fiber material commonly used for aerospace parts. Carbon Fiber is five times stronger than steel, yet features a feather-light feel that is 25% lighter than aluminum sticks. It has incredible flex characteristics that can bow, but will not kink or dent. All this in a beautiful high gloss checkered translucent pattern. Available in 50″, 60″ and 68″ Length as well as Black Handle or Clear Crystal.

National Western | Polled Hereford Bulls – Spring Bulls Calves

Champion Polled Spring Bull Calf
H Sensation 7454 ET
Sire: UPS Sensation 2296 ET
Dam: RST GAT NST Y79D Lady 54B ET
Bred by: Hoffman Herefords
Congratulations to Hoffman Herefords!

Reserve Champion Polled Spring Bull Calf
B&C L1 Catapult 7043E ET
Sire: CRR 719 Catapult 109
Dam: B&C L1 Dominette 26088
Bred by: Austin Breeding
Congratulations to B&C Cattle Co!

Sullivan’s Teflon Combs with New Texturized Grips

Now the top comb in the industry has been improved by adding a NEW Texturized Grip to the wooden handle giving the user a more comfortable, non-slip grip. This new grip is made from a unique cross-linked polymer alloy which creates a special non-slip diamond pattern with a textured finish. It easily withstands extreme show day conditions as well as keeping the comb more secure in the users back pocket and will not slide or fray. Available in Sullivan Comb, Fluffer Comb and Double Stuff.

National Western | Horned Hereford Bulls – Spring Bull Calf

Champion Horned Spring Bull Calf
KF Blue Moon 7E
Sire: BK Blue Clip
Dam: H5 MS 9131 Domet 4214
Bred by: KF Herefords
Congratulations to Jake Bloomberg, Lowderman Cattle Company, Tony Jeffs

Reserve Horned Spring Bull Calf
BK Entertainer E462 ET
Sire: HAPP BK Calor 37C
Dam: H Chez Cabernet 462B ET
Bred by: Buck Cattle Co.
Congratulations to Buck Cattle Co.