Baby News!

Congratulations to Sullivan Supply dealers Paul and Kelsie Kuflewski of Fair Acres Show Supply in Michigan on their new arrival! Baylor Paul Kuflewski arrived at 1:05 pm on Tuesday, October 10th.

Boyert-Core Online Heifer Sale

October 12th – Pleasantville, IA

For questions:
Jared: 330-416-4105
Jake: 330-635-6825
Clayton: 330-410-4232
Mark: 641-780-4937
Deb: 641-891-9084

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Tag 1: Primo x 6005 | Angus

Tag 19: Diablo x Montezuma | Charolais

Tag 26: Primo x Tammy | Low Chi

Tag 28: Miles McKee x Harley | Polled Hereford

Tag 34: Maternal Made x Angus | Mainetainer

Keystone International Livestock Exposition | Official Backdrop Photos – Junior Breeding Heifers

Supreme Champion Female
Champion AOB Heifer
JSUL Who Dat Sultry
Sire: ASHW Who Da Man
Dam: JSUL Sultry 6640
Bred by: Sullivan Farms
Sold by: Schaeffer-Tice
Congratulations to Clayton Main!

Reserve Supreme Champion Female
Champion Shorthorn Heifer
CF CSF Demi 650 SOL ET
Sire: CF Solution X ET
Dam: WHR LS Demi 8931 ET
Bred by: Cates Farms, Cornerstone Farms
Congratulations to Jake Nikkel!

Champion Hereford Heifer
GGSC Camille 13D ET
Sire: RST Times a Wastin’ 0124
Dam: SHF Coyotte Done
Bred by: Grimmel Girls Show Cattle
Congratulations to Izzy & Riley Bohrer!

Reserve Champion Hereford Heifer
KLL KLD Tula Rose 611D
Sire: UPS Sensation 2296 ET
Dam: KLD BR 7010 Rose D32 ET
Bred by: Kyle Lemmon
Congratulations to Kathy Lehman!

Champion Hereford Cow/Calf Pair

Reserve Champion Hereford Cow/Calf Pair

Champion Angus Heifer
SSF Ellen BC 1236
Sire: EXAR Blue Chip 1422B
Dam: PVF Ellen 1185
Bred by: Kagney Collins
Congratulations to Marcus VanVorhis!

Reserve Champion Angus Heifer
Beaver Creek Scaara 687
Sire: EXAR Classen 1422B
Dam: BCA Scaara Eagle Eye 155
Bred by: Beaver Creek Angus
Congratulations to Samuel Parr!

Grand Champion Angus Cow/Calf Pair

Champion Red Angus Heifer
GRAM Destiney C50
Sire: GRAM Inferno 813
Dam: FBF Cedar Gold 1214
Bred by: Pelton Hills
Congratulations to Katelynn Cape!

Reserve Champion Red Angus Heifer
CAF Crimson Lady 532
Sire: MNS Crimson Red 44
Dam: Country Acres Lady 494
Bred by: Country Acres Farm
Congratulations to Kelsey Zepp!

Reserve Champion Shorthorn Heifer
SULL Bo’s Reward 6325D ET
Sire: SULL Red Reward 9321
Dam: SULL Bo’s Traveling
Bred by: Sullivan Farms
Congratulations to Karli Berkheimer!

Champion ShorthornPlus Heifer
SULL Lady Crystal 6054D
Sire: Silveiras Style 9303
Dam: Sherwood Lady Crystal
Bred by: Sullivan Farms
Congratulations to Samantha VanVorhis!

Reserve Champion ShorthornPlus Heifer
SULL Crystal’s Judy 6997D
Sire: Silveiras Style 9303
Dam: SULL Crystal’s Judy 1471
Bred by: Sullivan Farms
Sold by: Schaeffer/Tice
Congratulations to Katie Mize!

Grand Champion ShorthornPlus Cow/Calf Pair

Champion Charolais Heifer
PZC Jewel 601 ET
Sire: TR Mr Fire Water 5792R ET
Dam: Thomas Ms Impressive 0641
Bred by: Brooke Polzin
Sold by: Tim Schaeffer
Congratulations to Kathy Lehman!

Reserve Champion Charolais Heifer
TR Ms Darla D120
Sire: RBM TR Rhinestone
Dam: HF Mustang Sally
Bred by: Cally Thomas
Sold by: Tim Schaeffer
Congratulations to Mattie Drew Doerstler!

Champion Limousin Heifer
AHFF Blackbird 610D
Sire: Schilling’s Wallace
Dam: KYLD Blackbird 044X
Bred by: Heart Felt Farms
Congratulations to Austin Miller!

Grand Champion Mainetainer Female
Champion Mainetainer Heifer
BPF Yissy 44D
Sire: Silveiras Style 9303
Dam: BK Yissy 189
Bred by: Bushy Park
Congratulations to Marcus VanVorhis!

Reserve Champion Mainetainer Heifer
MRY Blissful Rose
Sire: Maternal Perfection
Dam: Rosebud
Bred by: Lacey Murray
Congratulations to Shelby Griffith!

Reserve Champion Maine-Anjou Heifer
CSC Xena
Sire: BBBN X 483X
Dam: SMSC Cupcake
Bred by: Nolan Schmidt
Congratulations to Nolan Schmidt!

Reserve Champion Crossbred Heifer
Sold by: Brad Hanewich
Congratulations to the Butler family!

Champion SimGenetics Heifer
CLAC Heather 681D
Sire: Yardley High Regard W242
Dam: Hara’s Miss Princess 23Z
Bred by: Campbell Land & Cattle
Congratulations to Emma Woodard!

Reserve Champion SimGenetics Heifer
ALB Sasha Fierce 604D
Sire: WLE Uno Mas X549
Dam: ALB Star 2013A
Bred by: Albrecht Livestock
Congratulations to Emma Woodard!

Champion Simmental Heifer
IRCC Debutante 634D
Sire: IRCC Boomshakalaka 434B
Dam: IRCC Booty Call 449B
Bred by: Indian River Cattle Company
Congratulations to Katie Elmhirst!

Reserve Champion Simmental Heifer
AAS Perfect Storm D31
Sire: JF Milestone 999W
Dam: HPF/RYAN Perfection Z153
Bred by: McCall Griffith
Congratulations to McCall Griffith!

Reserve Grand Champion Simmental Cow/Calf Pair