Wisconsin State Fair | Junior Market Steers – Angus

Champion Angus Steer
Sire: TLF General Consesus
Dam: JS Blackie II 215Y
Bred by: Tree Lane Farm
Congratulations to Emma Kraft!

Reserve Champion Angus Steer
LW All-In 622
Sire: Gambles All-In 2549
Dam: LW Elba Pride 2J07
Bred by: Courtney Jentz
Congratulations to Hailey Jentz!

Photos courtesy of the American Angus Association

Wisconsin State Fair | Junior Heifers – Foundation Simmental

Champion Foundation Simmental Heifer
GCC Donna 158D
Sire: Mr HOC Broker
Dam: TSF Ideal Donna U34
Bred by: Griswold Cattle
Sold by: Griswold Cattle, Craig Sand
Congratulations to Rylee Ochs!

Reserve Champion Foundation Simmental Heifer
ADW Jezebell 69-6432D
Sire: Mr HOC Broker
Dam: ADW Miss Copeland 96-432W
Bred by: Adam White, Bonnie & David White
Sold by: Devin Olson
Congratulations to Savannah Siegler!

Sullivan’s Black Velvet Hair Dye – Down to the Roots Shine

Step 1
Mix 4-6 kits equal parts Dye (black bottle) and equal parts Activator (red bottle) into a pump up sprayer, spray bottle or a blower fogger (set spray setting on mist NOT stream). Add a splash of Kleen Sheen if desired.

Step 2
Shake Well

Step 3
Apply half evenly across the hair coat comb in, and then spray the rest where more is needed. Apply heavier amounts to the more excessive brown areas.

Step 4
Leave in for 20-30 min. 35 min MAX (if the temperature is warmer place animal under a fan) Never leave animal under direct sunlight while dye is applied.

Step 5
Once time is up rinse entire body until water runs clear. Make sure to get under the tail, belly and between legs these are the sensitive areas.

Step 6
Use Vita Hair Volumizer shampoo to remove any solution left behind. Gently scrub entire calf especially the sensitive areas. Then rinse.

Step 7
Once animal is blown completely dry use Revive or Revive Lite to condition the hair, maximizing the full brilliant black color of Black Velvet.