Andis Pulse ZR Cordless Clippers

Heavy-duty, detachable blade clipper now in cordless design delivers a 2-hour run time on a 2-hour charge. Lithium-ion power mated with powerful rotary motor to cut any hair type. 5 speeds: Adjustable from 2,500 to 4,500 strokes per minute. Works with all UltraEdge®, CeramicEdge® and Showedge® blades.

Stock Show University Iowa Grad Program – Day Two

Professor Keaton Otto demonstrates how to clip the correct shape into a front leg.

Master Professor Josh Elder and Deb Vorthmann talk about the proper way to fit and clip a top line and tailhead.

Master Professor Tracey Coffland works with Renne Piekema to understand the clipping techniques on a rear leg.

Clayton Walker uses Sullivan’s White Powder’ful to fit the perfect tailhead.

Sam Jordan works on clipping the belly of his heifer.

Bode Drunkenmiller was showing off his skills today. Great Job, Bode.

Winners in the 14-21 year old division goes to: Best Fitter: Jenna Reeter, Best Clipper: Clayton Walker, Best Showmen: Logan Rozenboom, Most Determined: Renee Piekema, Most Improved: Pacey Hawkins, GO Getter: Kolton Knopp

Winners in the 8-13 year old Division goes to: Best Fitter: Bode Drunkenmiller, Best Clipper: Ty Recker, Best Showmen: Aubrey Snuggs, Most Determined: Sam Jordan, Most Improved: Hannah Woods, Go Getter: Kayley Lancaster.

Sullivan’s Dually Hair Shedding Comb

Removing dead hair has never been so simple and effective, EVER … Saves Days! The extra-large 5” wide head covers 25% more area with each stroke than any previous shedding comb. This double-sided hair shedding comb features rounded stainless steel teeth with extra-wide spacing on one side that gently penetrates deep into the thickest, “wooly” hair coats removing old dead hair, yet leaving the healthy hair unharmed. Flip the comb over to the other side with narrow spaced teeth to remove dead hair from medium coats. Always remember … the faster the dead hair is shed out, the faster new healthy hair will grow.

Stock Show University | Texas Grad Program Day 2 Candids

Barydee Thorne learns some clipping tricks from master professor Jeff Sargent.

Kaylee Martinez gets some hands on clipping practice with Site Manager and Show Manager – Hillsboro and Professor Josh Nelson.

Professor Valentine Del Rio giving showmanship advice to Steely and Gentry Gotchner.

Award Picture:
(Back row left to right)
Master Professor Jeff Sargent, Founder of Sullivan Supply and Stock Show University John Sullivan, Senior Most Determined award winner Daylin Watkin, Senior Best Showman award winner Megan Holmes, Senior Future Professor award winner Connor Fisher, Senior Bet Clipper award winner Kylee Evans, Senior Most Improved award winner Kolby Bruhn, Senior best fitter award winner Caleb Hines, Professor Eli Smallwood and Site Manager and Show Manager – Hillsboro and Professor Josh Nelson.
(Front row left to right)
Junior Future Professor award winner Ranch Gotcher, Junior Best Showman award winner Steely Gotcher, Junior Most Determined award winner Braydee Thorne, Junior Most Improved award winner Gentry Gotcher, Junior Best Fitter award winner Jacob Hines, Senior Go Getter award winner Dakota Busby, Junior Go getter award winner Loralie Webb, Junior Best Clipper award winner Karamie Gilbert, Manager of Stock Show university and The Pulse – Hillsboro Tylee Williams and Sales Representative and Professor Michale Luna.

Sunday in Cowboy Country | Oklahoma Beef Expo

Congratulations to everyone this weekend at the Oklahoma Beef Expo! Thank you for trusting in Sullivan Supply.

Bret Hanza has his niece, Zoey, help him finish a topline.

Natalie Gingles uses Sullivan’s Flare on her Champion Charolais Composite before going back to grand drive.

Casey Hilmes uses Sullivan’s Tail Adhesive to pull the top on the Champion Charolais Heifer.

Brody Berlowitz leads his Third Overall Heifer around the ring in the grand drive.

Judge Ryan Jones gives the heifers one last look before selecting a champion female.

Shane Sturgeon dials in on a top.

Jacob Hudlow focus’ on getting the tailhead right.