maps-and-meals-title Hereford-complex

Meal packets for Hereford Junior Nationals are $50 each. It includes 13 meals throughout the week. Banquet tickets are an additional $30 each.


maps-and-meals-title simmy

Simmental meal packets are $20 each and include 9 meals. The meal packet is not included exhibitor entry. Banquet tickets will be $25 each and each exhibitor receives one banquet ticket with entry.


maps-and-meals-title Gelbvieh-Complex

Gelbvieh Banquet Tickets are $25 each and will be sold through Tuesday at Gelbvieh Junior Nationals.

Countdown to Kickoff

Today in the countdown to junior nationals highlight will be providing the facility maps and meal plans for each breed! We don’t want anyone to get lost or miss out on a meal throughout the week!