NWSS – Open Balancer Bulls

Grand Champion Balancer Bull
TTTT Sugar Daddy ET
Sire: OCC Legend 616L
Dam: AHL Hottdamn 105RET
Bred by: 4T Farm
Congratulations to Chase Tabor of Stillwater, OK.

Reserve Grand Champion Balancer Bull
XXB Insidious 23B
Sire: XXB Insidious 612Y
Dam: XXB Miss Wingman 116Y
Congratulations to Boehler Gelbviehs of Orleans, NE.

Exhibitor Spotlight – Emma Vickland


How long have you been showing?
I showed bucket calves before I was of eligible age (8) to show. So in total, I have been showing cattle for 15 years.

How many years have you shown at NWSS?
I have been showing livestock (goats, hogs, cattle) at the NWSS for 12 years.

What is one thing about the breed you enjoy the most?
Along with the Jr. Association having tremendous strength and participation amongst jr. members, I enjoy them because as a whole they are committed to building maternally focused, fundamentally correct cow herds that can be profitable and genetically versital in a variety of environments. The breed has also made tremendous strides breeding more femininity and structural correctness into the cattle and that has made them extremely competitive amongst other breeds.

What is your favorite Sullivan Supply product and why?
My favorite Sullivan Supply item is the carbon fiber show sticks. Having a light weight show stick that won’t break is extremely handy. I can’t tell you how many regular show sticks we have bent and broke throughout the years.

What is your favorite thing about the NWSS?
My favorite thing about the NWSS is the atmosphere and the location. We travel to a lot of shows and it’s nice to have a prestigious national show in our home state. Everyone that comes from far away battles long hauls and having your cattle rung out. We are very fortunate to have our cattle in an atmosphere and climate that they are already used to going into the show and to only travel 45 minutes to get there.

Do you have any advice for juniors that are just starting to show?
My advise for exhibitors that are just starting to show would be to work hard, stay humble, go to as many shows as you can, don’t be afraid to ask questions, accept constructive criticism, and most importantly find knowledgeable mentors that have your best interest at heart. In todays show cattle industry emotions, competitiveness, and cost all run high, but it’s important to remember that we all serve a greater purpose of advocating for animal husbandry, agriculture, and ultimately feeding the worlds population.

What does showing at the NWSS mean to you?
Showing at the NWSS means more to me than I could ever describe in words. It’s a family tradition, a rich heritage, and a great privilege every year. There is something to be said about the history of cattleman and exhibitors from all over coming to the NWSS, all for the ultimate goal of competing with other passionate stockman and promotion of their genetics.

Who are your Role Models?
I have a lot of role models in my life that have helped me achieve things I would have never dreamed. Some of these people include Ryan Johnson, Chase Reed, Colby Taber, Ed Cody, Scott & Jared Werning, Nick Riemann, Steve and Christie Gabel, and most importantly my Mom. She is by far the hardest working, most ambitious, and independent person I will ever know.

What is your Favorite Quote?
“Cows are amongst the gentlest of breathing creatures; none show more passionate tenderness to their young when deprived of them; and, in short, I am not ashamed to profess a deep love for these quiet creatures.” ~Thomas de Quincey

NWSS – Open Red Angus Bull

Grand Champion Red Angus Bull
Six Mile Kill Switch
Sire: Red Benchmark Better Beef
Dam: Red Six Mile Folower 424U
Bred by: Six Mile Red Angus
Congratulations to Six Mile Red Angus

Sorry No Photo
Reserve Grand Champion Red Angus Bull
GCC Navigator 1233
Sire: NBAR Negotiator L21
Dam: LASA Divide R519
Bred by: Graystone Cattle Co
Congratulations to Graystone Cattle Co.

NWSS – Gelbvieh Balancer Females

Grand Champion Gelbvieh Balancer Female – Open Show
GHGF Ashley 31A
Sire: FMGF Blue’s Impact 001x
Dam: HHF S31
Bred by: Green Hills Gelbvieh
Congratulations to Justin Teeter, Mount Ulla, NC.

Reserve Champion Gelbvieh Balancer Female – Open Show
AHL Deb 467B ET
Sire: SAV Brilliance 8077
Dam: BCFG Butlers MS Deb 10x
Bred by: Aherin Brothers Livestock
Congratulations to Alexandria Raab, Markle, IN.

NWSS – Open Red Angus Females

Grand Champion Red Angus Female – Open Show
TC Ellie 224
Sire: BHR Durango 1158
Dam: WEBR MS Ellie 1024
Bred by: TC Reds and Sullivan Farms
Congratulations to Cooper Harris-Rodgers.


Reserve Grand Champion Red Angus Female – Open Show
TLC Alaynah 329
Sire: TLC Cherry Dr.
Dam: Tree Lane MS Lighting 224X
Bred by: TLC Livestock
Congratulations to Hans Lind.