2019 Illinois State Fair Judges Announced

Breeding Heifer Judges
Dr. Ryan Rathmann and Joe Rathmann

Dr. Ryan Rathmann is an Associate Professor and holder of the John W. and Doris Jones Endowed Professorship in the Department of Animal and Food Sciences at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX. Ryan is the all-time winningest coach in collegiate history having coached nine National Champion Collegiate Livestock Judging Teams (3 @ Texas A&M and 6 @ TTU) and five National Champion Meat Animal Evaluation Teams.

Joe Rathmann has been professor and livestock judging coach at Blinn College in Brenham, TX for the past 7 years. This summer Joe and his wife, Joelynn, are moving to Bastrop, TX to focus on the growth and improvement of the show cattle operation that Joe and Ryan’s father started over 40 years ago.

Steer Judge:
Dr. Scott Greiner

Dr. Scott Greiner is a Professor and Extension Animal Scientist in the Department of Animal and Poultry Sciences at Virginia Tech. Dr. Greiner was raised on a diversified livestock farm in Eastern Iowa, and attended Iowa State University where he earned a B.S. in Animal Science in 1989. His graduate studies included an M.S. from Michigan State University and a Ph.D. from Iowa State. His graduate work at ISU was fundamental to the incorporation of ultrasound as a genetic improvement tool in beef cattle.

2019 American Royal Livestock Show Judges

The American Royal is pleased to announce the 2019 American Royal Livestock Show Judges. More details atwww.americanroyal.com/livestock/livestock-show. Premium Book and DNA Order Form available May 20th

2019 American Royal Livestock Show Judges:

Open Breeding Cattle:
American Aberdeen – Jared Boyert- Iowa
Angus – Chris Cassady- Illinois
Braunvieh – Cody Green- Arkansas
Charolais – Kyle Conley- Oklahoma
Gelbvieh – Gregg Stewart- Kansas
Hereford – Jirl Buck- Oklahoma
Limousin – Nick Fitzimmons- Oklahoma
Maine-Anjou – Travis Pembrook- Oklahoma
Miniature Hereford – Gregg Stewart- Kansas
Red Angus – Mark Core- Iowa
Salers – Lydell Meier- Tennessee
Shorthorn – Donnie Robertson- Oklahoma
Simmental – Tim Fitzgerald- Pennsylvania

Junior Breeding Shows:
Angus – Nick Fitzsimmons- Oklahoma
AOB/Commercial – Nick Fitzsimmons- Oklahoma
Braunvieh – Lydell Meier- Tennessee
Charolais – Jack Oattes- Canada
Gelbvieh – Callahan Grund- Kansas
Hereford – Jack Oattes- Canada
Limousin – Jack Oattes- Canada
Maine-Anjou – Graham Blagg- Kansas
Miniature Herefords – Lydell Meier- Tennessee
Red Angus – Callahan Grund- Kansas
Salers – Callahan Grund- Kansas
Shorthorn – Graham Blagg- Kansas
Simmental – Jack Oattes- Canada

Supreme Heifer Judge – Chris Mullinix- Kansas

Junior Market Animals:
Goat – Slayton Strube- Texas
Lamb – Jimmy Davis- Oklahoma
Steer – Brandon Callis- Oklahoma
Swine – TBD

Showmanship Contests:
Steer/Junior Heifer – Amy Cowan/Lindsey Broek- Missouri
Goat – Josh Cody- Texas
Lamb – Terry Burks- Kentucky
Swine – Brandon Yantis- Illinois
Junior Heifer – TBD

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Meet the SCO Admin – Torie Schwartz

Last week we kicked-off our Sheep Team introductions with Justin Nathan, and this week we are B-A-C-K with the beauty (and brains!) keeping the sheep team in check!!
Torie Schwartz is the total package (just ask Justin 😉) But seriously…when it comes to the livestock industry this girl is about as well-rounded as she can get. Torie grew up in Indiana raising and showing cattle with her family, she judged at Blackhawk East and Western Illinois University, worked for the NSR / NJSA for a few years after college and now she is the right-hand woman at Nathan Club Lambs.

With her diverse background and a deep-rooted passion for the livestock industry, Torie has been an incredible asset to #TEAMSCO since she came on board last year. She helps book and manage sales from start to finish, providing the top-notch customer service SCO has built its name around.
Thanks for all you do, Torie!!