Gearing up for Hutchinson | Maine/Chi National Junior Show

Jillian Italian Grill
An upscale, but casual Italian restaurant, it offers traditional dishes. With an excellent selection of wine for the adults to enjoy, the wood fire pizza is something the kids with love.
216 N Main St,
Hutchinson, KS 67501

Polo Bar & Grill
If you’re in Hutch and in the mood for steak, head over to Polo Bar and Grill. With a special steak or burger night, there is always something tasty with an affordable price.
25 E 30th Ave,
Hutchinson, KS 67502

El Potrillo
Chips and salsa are always a go to for us when we are at a show. With affordable prices, and good drink menu, there is something for the whole familu to enjoy.
2301 N Main St,
Hutchinson, KS 67502

Hog Wild Pit BBQ
If you’re craving a local smokehouse barbeque joint, we recommend Hog Wild Pit Bar-B-Q. They are famous for their brisket and tender pulled pork. Because they close kind of early, this would be a great place to pick up for lunch or go to dinner while waiting to tie out on those warmer days.
2401 N Main St,
Hutchinson, KS 67502

For those later nights and wanting something quick, stop over to Bogey’s for some local, fast service. With a variety of burgers and sandwiches, this is a great place for the night before the show.
1718 N Plum St,
Hutchinson, KS 67502


Salt City Splash Aquatic Center
If you are wanting to get out of the heat and play in the water for an afternoon, then Salt City Splash Aquatic Center is your place to be. With a large pool and a few slides, there is something for every age to enjoy.
1601 S Plum St,
Hutchinson, KS 67501

The Room
A different type of interactive entertainment, the room is becoming a big hit. In the room, a team will decipher clues and solve riddles to get all the way through the course.
2 E 2nd Ave,
Hutchinson, KS 67501

North American Junior Red Angus Event | Shootin’ & Showin’ On A Friday

Bring em’ out, bring em’ out! It was a great morning for Pump Up The Volume at the North American Junior Red Angus Event. We were all jamming and washing here in the wash rack.

Stock Show University South’s Coordinator Ashley Dulaney assists Jaycee Hueske as she refills her empty bottles this morning during Pump Up The Volume!

Kip Wallace gives his heifer a quick pat on the head after winning Reserve Grand Champion Futurity Heifer.

Kollin Walter works to keep his heifer’s head up while adjust her front feet.

Marcela Wilmoth has a soft smile as she make a quick circle so the judge can get a better look.

Junior Board Advisor Mia Bayer makes sure that all of the exhibitors make it into the ring.

Back in the barns, Kalleigh Roberts gets her heifer ready to show with her Sullivan’s Air Express III blower.

And from outside the ring, Allyn Goodson watches the show so that she can get pointers before she goes in.

Sullivan’s Black Velvet Hair Dye – Down to the Roots Shine

Step 1
Mix 4-6 kits equal parts Dye (black bottle) and equal parts Activator (red bottle) into a pump up sprayer, spray bottle or a blower fogger (set spray setting on mist NOT stream). Add a splash of Kleen Sheen if desired.

Step 2
Shake Well

Step 3
Apply half evenly across the hair coat comb in, and then spray the rest where more is needed. Apply heavier amounts to the more excessive brown areas.

Step 4
Leave in for 20-30 min. 35 min MAX (if the temperature is warmer place animal under a fan) Never leave animal under direct sunlight while dye is applied.

Step 5
Once time is up rinse entire body until water runs clear. Make sure to get under the tail, belly and between legs these are the sensitive areas.

Step 6
Use Vita Hair Volumizer shampoo to remove any solution left behind. Gently scrub entire calf especially the sensitive areas. Then rinse.

Step 7
Once animal is blown completely dry use Revive or Revive Lite to condition the hair, maximizing the full brilliant black color of Black Velvet.


Panhandle Parade of Breeds | Prospect Steers

Grand Champion Prospect Steer Ring A
Reserve Grand Champion Ring B
Sire: Hi Ho
Dam: Total Solution/ Copper Penny
Raised by: Jim Moylan and Brian Martin
Sold by: Brian Martin Show Cattle
Congratulations to Stock Martin!

Grand Champion Prospect Steer Ring B
Sire: Hi Ho
Dam: Monopoly
Raised by: Brian Martin Show Cattle
Sold by: Tracy Haymes
Congratulations to Raylee Bain!

Junior National Charolais Show | Owned Heifers – Division IV

Champion Division IV Owned Heifer
CRG Miss Canada 15D
Sire: TR PZC Mr Turton 0794 ET
Dam: CRG Miss Monte 26X
Bred by: Jack Oattes
Sold by: Kale Hensley, BK Cattle Enterprises, Taylor Graham
Congratulations to Nash Hensley!

Reserve Champion Division IV Owned Heifer
TR Ms Donitta 6301D ET
Sire: TR Mr Firewater 5792R ET
Dam: KR Miss Easy Pro 8063
Bred by: Thomas Ranch
Congratulations to Chase Ratliff!