1st Class Clipper Caddy

The 1st Class Clipper Caddy is a top of the line, lightweight clipper caddy designed to hold a variety of clippers in a tough and durable aluminum box, that includes a padded divided section for blades and other utensils.  Coated with a scratch resistant black or copper hammer tone powder coat that completes the luxurious look of the 1st Class Clipper Caddy.

Sullivan’s Smart Scrub Brush

Stronger, Longer, Better. These are the words that describe the new Sullivan’s Smart Scrub Brush. Made in the USA, this brush is created from high quality material for a more durable brush. With it’s added length and openings on the strap, the Smart Scrub will comfortably fit any sized hand. The soft bristles are fluffer style, allowing this brush to be a multipurpose tool for washing livestock and all forms of hair working routines.



Grimmel Girls / KL Lemmon Online Heifer and Steer Sale – Sale Day!

Hosted by Lowderman Auction Options
Thursday, October 19
Click here to view lots and bid

For more information, visit www.GrimmelGirlsShowCattle.com

Lot 1
2/20/2017 | AHA # 43830915 | Polled
CRR About Time 743 x SHF Coyotte Done (Caroline)

Lot 3
4/15/2017 | AHA # 43832735 | Horned
CRR About Time 743 x SHF Coyotte Done (Caroline)

Lot 4
3/20/2017 | AHA # 43830918 | Polled
UPS Sensation 2296 ET x Patton LCC Kiwi 109 ET

Lot 8
4/06/2017 | AHA # 43831329 | Horned
CRR 109 On Point 559 ET x RW Mindy 3078 6096

Lot 9
4/18/2017 | AHA # 43842073 | Horned
JTH SC Playmaker 22C ET x KLL Annie 01P