NWSS | Open South Devon Bulls

Champion South Devon Bull
Sire: DLCC Dodge City 78Y
Bred by: Darlynn Cattle Co
Congratulations to Darlynn Cattle Co.

Reserve South Devon Bull
JVM Easton 750E
Sire: Hill Crest 465B
Bred by: JVM Cattle Co.
Congratulations to JVM Cattle Co

NWSS | Open South Devon Females

Champion Open South Devon Female
JVM Eve 702E
Sire: KNN Country Boy 15A
Bred by: JVM Cattle Company
Congratulations to Emma Gnech!

Reserve Open South Devon Female
BC Calico 6545D
Sire: DLCC Yosemite 44A
Bred by: Big Country Beef Genetics
Congratulations to JVM Cattle Company!

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NWSS | Junior Poundmaker Females

Champion Junior Poundmaker Female
JVM Eclipse 710E
Sire: SSS MR Iceberg
Bred by: JVM Cattle
Congratulations to Hanna Gnech

No Photo Available
Reserve Junior Poundmaker Female
WF Two Socks
Sire: Monopoly Club Calf Sire
Bred by: Jenna White
Congratulations to Carlee McCracken

NWSS | Junior LimFlex Females

Champion Junior LimFlex Female
Sire: Silveiras Style 9303
Dam: MAGS Phantoms Prize
Bred by: Magness Land & Wies Limousin
Sold by: Tyler Trihus, Charlie Wilson
Congratulations to Sara Sullivan

Reserve Junior LimFlex Female
JCL Cruel Girl 725E
Sire: TASF Crown Royal 960C ET
Dam: JCL Cruel Girl LNLM 502C
Bred by: Linden Faith Linthicum
Congratulations to McKinlee Palmatary

NWSS | Junior Limousin Females

Champion Junior Limousin Female
TASF Envy 161 E
Sire: TASF Crown Royal 960C ET
Dam: Auto Peyton 206Y
Bred by: Thomas & Sons
Sold by: Thomas & Sons, Paulsen, Campbell Land & Cattle, Widerman, CEG
Congratulations to Kinnick Paulsen!

Reserve Junior Limousin Female
SHSK Elvera 710E ET
Sire: TMCK Durham Wheat 6030X
Dam: WLR Prada
Bred by: Shelby Skinner
Sold by: Shelby Skinner and Deb Vorthmann
Congratulations to Carly Kolterman