Champion Chiangus Female
LLW CARD Caroline’s Chanel 36C
Sire: SCC First-N-Goal GAF 114
Dam: LLW CARD Erroline 36Z
Bred by: Lucas Wisnefski
Congratulations to Lucas Wisnefski!

Reserve Champion Chiangus Female
BMW Y Not 328C
Sire: EXAR Classen 1422B
Dam: TR/TKM Y Not 328C
Bred by: Winegardner Show Cattle
Congratulations to David Smith!

Third Overall Chiangus Female
HIGG Cali 588C ET
Sire: Bush’s Unbelievable
Dam: HIGG Kylie
Bred by: Allison Higgins
Congratulations to Allison Higgins!

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