Champion Angus | 4-H
Sire: Brillance
Dam: Peg
Raised and Sold by Thunder Valley Angus
Congratulations to Luke Bruns

Reserve Angus | 4-H
Sire: Full Power
Dam: Hemy Daughter
Bred and Owned by: Ashton Brockman
Congratulations to Ashton Brockman

Champion Charolais | 4-H
Sire: Monopoly
Dam: Charolais
Sold by Tracy Goretska
Congratulations to Alexis Bremer

Champion Chianina | 4-H
Sire: Walks Alone
Dam: MMMC 465
Raised and sold by Martin Cattle Co
Congratulations to Austin Thomas

Champion Hereford | 4-H
Sire: Protime
Dam: Proplan
Bred by: Purple Reign
Congratulations to Evan Eisenbath

Reserve Hereford | 4-H
Sire: 88X
Dam: Revolution Daughter
Congratulations to Brooklyn Adam

Champion Limousin | 4-H
Sire: Monopoly
Dam: Commercial cow
Bred and Owned by: Gage Baker
Congratulations to Gage Baker.

No Photo Available
Reserve Limousin | 4-H
Sire: Winston
Dam: Zircon
Congratulations to Kaylee Lowck.

Champion Maine-Anjou | 4-H
Sire: Monopoly
Dam: Maine Cross
Sold by: Riley and Bremer
Sold by: Goretska
Congratulations to Noah Riley

Reserve Maine-Anjou | 4-H
Sire: Yellow Jacket
Raised and Sold by: Tyler Campbell
Congratulations to Olivia Gerloff

Champion Mainetainer | 4-H
Sire: Monopoly
Dam: Maine
Bred by: Mark Muller
Sold by: Wade Rodgers
Congratulations to Cole Murphy

Reserve Mainetainer | 4-H
Sire: Walks Alone
Dam: Maine
Raised and Sold by: Chad Holtkamp
Congratulations to Julia Timbrook

Champion Gelbvieh | 4-H
Carter Mitchell
Sire: Rolex
Dam: Gelbvieh
Bred and Owned by: Carter Mitchell
Congratulations to Carter Mitchell

Champion Shorthorn | 4-H
Sire: XL
Dam: shorthorn
Raised and Sold by Keller
Congratulations to Pacey Dugger

Reserve Shorthorn | 4-H
Sire: Aces Backup
Dam: shorthorn
Bred and Owned by: Hunter Heuser
Congratulations to Hunter Heuser

Champion ShorthornPlus | 4-H
Sire: Thriller
Dam: Shorthorn
Sold by Keller
Congratulations to Kylee Dameron

Reserve ShorthornPlus | 4-H
Sire: Capiche
Dam: Shorthorn
Congratulations to Jadyn Lower

Champion Simmental| 4-H
Sire: Build Right
Dam: Simmental
Bred and Owned by: Chezney Early
Congratultions to Chezney Early

Champion Crossbred | 4-H
Sire: Monopoly
Dam: crossbred
Sold by Bonham
Congratulations to Laurin Dilly

No Photo Available
Reserve Crossbred | 4-H
Sire: Man Among Boys
Dam: crossbred
Sold by Goretska
Congratulations to Alexis Bremer

Photos courtsey of Pearl’s Pics Photography. Click here to order.

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