Supreme Market Animal
Champion Market Heifer
Sire: Monopoly
Raised by: Dean Staley
Sold by: Goretska
Congratulations to Kipp Fisher!

Reserve Market Animal
Champion III Crossbred Steer
Sire: Made to Order
Sold by: Goretska, Guyer
Congratulations to Alissa Boersen!

Third Overall Market Animal
Champion Chi Steer
Sire: Fu Man Chu
Sold by: Goretska
Congratulations Nick Boerson!

Fourth Overall Market Animal
Champion Division 4 Crossbred Steer
Sire: Fu Man Chu
Sold by: Goretska, Welshans
Congratulations to Emma Noll!

Fifth Overall Market Animal
Champion Percentage Simmental Steer
Sire: Fu Man Chu
Raised and sold by: Plank
Congratulations to Bryce Berdan!

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