Quaid McIntyre takes advantage and rests up before showmanship

Rolling Hills Cattle Company takes advantage of the sunshine and their Sullivan’s Air Express III Blower, while prepping one of their many bred and owned heifers.

Who says the cows get all the special treatment? Kinsey Coffey gets prepared for her big day in the bred and owned show. Kinsey’s heifer was selected Reserve Grand Champion.

Wyatt McIntyre leads off the group in the selection of the Division II Champion selection of the Bred & Owned show.

Stelzer Livestock working hair early this morning.

Blayklee Stelzer receives some love from her heifer after a job well done in the bred and owned show.

Judge Ben Weikert extends a hand shake to Blayklee Stelzer for the Grand Champion Bred & Owned Female.

Shelly White takes time to watch her kids show in the grand drive of the bred and owned show. Shelly has had a busy couple of weeks preparing for this event. She and her crew deserve a huge thank you for putting on a great event.

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