Grand Champion Steer
Grand Champion Division II Crossbred
Sire: Hi Ho Silver
Dam: Interstate x Heat Wave
Bred by: Goettemoeller, Green Oaks
Sold by: Brandon Jones
Congratulations to Olivia Caldwell!

Reserve Grand Champion Steer
Reserve Grand Champion Crossbred
Sire: Monopoly
Dam: Rocky Balboa
Bred by: Steve Downing
Sold by: Goretska, Clark, Campbell
Congratulations to Keegan Murphy!

Third Overall
Grand Champion AOB
Sire: Monopoly
Raised by: Wedig
Sold by: Guyer
Congratulations to Ashtin Guyer!

Fourth Overall
Grand Champion Angus Steer
Sire: PVF Insight 0129
Dam: PVF Proven Queen 3017
Bred and Sold by: Prairie View Farm
Congratulations Adam Miller!

Fifth Overall
Grand Champion Hereford Steer
Sire: Custom Made
Bred by: Joel Brooks
Sold by: Jeff Paulsen, Ethan Hanold
Congratulations to Peyton Richie

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