Wade Rodgers uses Sullivan’s Flare to put the finishing touches on the Reserve Grand Champion Steer for Cale Lauterbach.

Elisha Morey uses Sullivan’s Jet Black Touch-Up on a steer.

Kyle Knapp clips out a top before the steer enters the ring.

Grant Malone and AJ Line work together to put the finishing touches on Dalton Line’s Grand Champion Steer.

Jackpot shows are ruff.

Dusty Rich helps to clip Abi Henderson’s Champion Charolais Steer.

Ring 1 Judge Brady Jensen selects Payton Cech’s steer as Fourth Overall.

Sam Henderson uses Sullivan’s Flare on his steer.

Rhylee Rodgers and Klaire Shanks pose for a picture with their Champion and Reserve Market Heifers.

Nate Tice and Jess Recknor watching the market animal show ring side.

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