We got to visit with TJ & Emery Mills of Grenola, Kansas. This will be TJ & Emery’s second year attending Maine/Chi junior nationals. Check out our interview with TJ & Emery below!

What is your favorite part of junior nationals?

TJ: Fitting contest I think that it’s really fun
Emery: I’d have to say the same, the fitting contest is really fun

TJ Mills

What are your future goals within the association?

TJ: I would like to win junior nationals one day. I also want to meet new people and keep adding cattle and growing my herd. I’d like to get a scholarship to go to Kansas State for livestock judging and I think participating in the judging contest at junior nations will help me reach that goal.
Emery: I would like to Meet new people who help me excel in my future career of being a rancher.

What is your favorite junior nationals memory?

TJ: I didn’t know much about fitting my first year at junior nationals and we used my friend Wyatt’s heifer for the fitting contest. She had white socks on her feet and Wyatt told me to paint the feet white, so I painted her hooves white. So at the end of the contest, she looked like she had little white dancing shoes on.

Emery Mills

Whats your favorite job to do when working at a show?

TJ: Blowing them out and working their hair, making sure they look good.
Emery: Mine would have to be a tie between fitting a tail head and washing.

Whats the best part of going to all the shows as a family?

TJ: We get to Work as a team and get the job done. Its pretty much a family vacation

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