Stock Show University | TJLA Belt Buckle Bonanza

Branden Perkins asks questions to Luke Parr during the swine showmanship clinic

Dan Sullivan, Co-Owner Sullivan Supply South, & Ashley Swilley, Stock Show U South Coordinator, hang out during the Sheep and Goat Clinic

Luke Parr talks showmanship during the Swine Clinic

Michael Scherz & Jeff Jackson explain the importance of proper show halters in the ring

Glen Martin talks Sheep & Goat Showmanship

Sullivan Supply & Stock Show U!

An awesome turn out in Waco, TX for the Stock Show U showmanship clinics!

Missouri Madness | AIJCA Junior National

Jacie Wilkerson blowing her heifer out before the show.

Will Hoopes chills with his heifer in the stalls.

You can truly see the holding power of Sullivan’s Tail Adhesive as Dylan Enyart pulls the top on a heifer.

Josi Schrader gives it her all in the showring!

IMG_0254 copy
The crew of Eric Nelson, Kadon Leddy, Zach Wangen, Korbin Leddy, and Donnie Leddy gear up for the show!

AIJCA knows how to keep it cool in the awards department.

Hunter Riggins keeps her eye on the judge during the show.

IMG_0290 copy
Jim Pipkin relies on Sullivan’s Prime Time Adhesive to gently glue the top on a heifer.

IMG_0273 copy
Staying calm is essential to keeping your calf calm, and Cody Jedlicka sure knows how to keep his cool.

Kathy Lehman accepts division champion!

Kate Shaffer gets her cow calf pair ready for the show.

Deb Vorthmann works her magic in the tail and top department!

IMG_0298 copy
Alex Rhode ponders life while filling his heifer.

Kathy Lehman making sure her heifer stays cool and calm while waiting for the grand drive.

Judge Kyle Conley evaluating the show today.

IMG_0488 copy
Will Blankers, Nate Suttles, and Caulyn Crow pose for a picture!

Colton Grass showing his heifer.

Taylor Husz accepting accepting champion female of division five.

Katla Daimler showing her heifer some love after she won reserve in division five!

Kate Shaffer showing her cow.

Caitlyn Skiles is all smiles as she leads her heifer in for the grand drive.

Cagney Effling stays focused during the grand drive.

Stewart Skiles receives the handshake for Grand Champion Overall Owned female.

Tony Jeffs and Parker Henley celebrate after an exciting grand drive!

Sullivan’s Fresh and Feminine



This exciting new product has been proven with results and the demand for repeat orders has been tremendous. In fact, many of the major steer and heifer show winners from the past weekend feed Fresh and Feminine, the secret to eye appealing show cattle!”

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Fresh & FeminineTM is not just another supplement. Tried and true for many years, Fresh & FeminineTM has been the secret, fed at Sullivan Farms for over ten years. It has been an integral part of their feeding regiment and credited with producing outstanding freshness and ultimate show ring success of their cattle at major shows year-in and year-out.
This is how this feed supplement works … the superior science of Fresh & Feminine features a combination of strategic vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and a high concentration of by-pass protein sources. This chemistry boosts metabolic fat burning in the body that targets spe- cific areas of the body to reduce fat content, most notably in the neck and brisket area. The animal has a more feminine, attractive physique and even moves better. This helps to offset the results seen from aggressive, high energy show cattle diets.
All natural and fertility safe for open heifers, bred heifers, steers and bulls. Simply top dress 6 oz. per head per day of this pelleted supplement on your current ration until desired freshness has been achieved.


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NEW! Sullivan Supply Devour It!


Getting your animal to the condition you want can be a stressful situation when they are sluggish eaters or simply won’t eat. With Sullivan’s Devour It let worrying about consumption be a thing of the past. Devour It is specifically formulated to enhance appetite and get your animal on track. The all-natural ingredients in Devour It includes natural oil extracts from garlic and cinnamon. These natural oils change the microbial community in the rumen, increasing the availability of peptides and amino acids, which stimulate the growth of important rumen bacteria, this results in rumen efficiency, reduces incidence of bloat and increases gain. Devour It also contains Vitamin B12, resulting in boosted energy levels to combat fatigue and sluggishness during times of stress. 12 lb. bucket. 120 day supply.