Sullivan’s Soap Foamer

Heavy-duty soap foaming tool. Simply fill with shampoo, attach a water hose, and spray. Features a quick disconnect nozzle for easy rinsing. The foamer sprays a pre-set amount of foamed shampoo onto the animal.

7th Annual One Team, One Dream Steer & Heifer Sale | Saturday, March 24th

Saturday, March 24, 2018 – One Team One Dream Online Sale – TX
Cattle Location: Mason, Texas | Sale End Time: 7:00 PM CENTRAL

Sale Link: Click Here

Contact for more information:
Deep Creek | Briley Miller 307-337-7262 or Ty Miller 307-351-4005
Samsel Cattle | Ryan Samsel 812-230-1020 or Robyn Samsel 812-236-1159
Worrell Enterprises, LLC | Shannon Worrell 210-241-4925 or James Worrell 210-240-2397
Ottmers Family Cattle | Emily Ottmers 830-456-6610 or Lane Ottmers 830-456-5755

Lot 1
September Steer
Sire: Leathal Dose
Breed: American

Lot 3
December Steer
Sire: WORR Owen Tankeray y79D
Breed: Polled Hereford

Lot 4
September Steer
Sire: Walks This Way
Breed: Exotic

Lot 5
November Steer
Sire: General Lee
Breed: Exotic

Lot 13
November Steer
Sire: Walks This Way
Breed: Exotic

NEW Sullivan’s Heads Up Pig Whip

High quality pig whip designed to keep your pigs attention. Comfortable texturized grip handle with chrome accents. The 6″ frayed tassel popper comes in five color options: Neon Pink, Neon Green, Neon Orange, Purple or Black. 36″ whip (without tassel).