Oh’ What a Steer Show | Oklahoma Youth Expo

Matt Shirley monkeying around on a back leg.

Jacob Hudlow doin’ it to it.

Top line perfection!

Ohhhh Chute…..Herrrrrefords!

Gettin’ that top line dialed in.

Seth Tucker getting some last minute pep talks before winning champion Maine steer.

Ty Webster cutting out all the competition.

Bucket of Love!

Jerrod Arthur and crew hard at work on a Shorthorn steer.

Sullivan’s Red Paints were a hot commodity at the steer chutes.

Flarin’ it up on the way to the show ring.

We’re tail Heading into the last day!!

Sullivan’s Show Cattle Calm Paste

• A great show day product
• Provides calming effect to cattle during stressful times
• One tube works for animals up to 1,000 pounds
• Administer two to three hours before going into the ring