Stock Show University | Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic

A great turn out today at the Stock Show University clinic in Kearny.

Professor Nate Kolterman showing how to properly apply Sullivan’s Fawn Touch-Up.

Stock Show University Manager, Taylor Harrison speaking to the crowd.

Professor Ryan Dunklau passing out goodies to the eager crowd!

Sullivan’s Powderful – Thicker…Fuller…Like NO OTHER

POWDER’FUL is the only product on the market that can give you
a fuller and bigger look without adding on layers of and layers of paint
and adhesive, which leaves the hair wet, heavy, and unnatural. POWDER’FUL
leaves the hair looking fuller without being able to tell there
is anything there. The two color options, white and black, make it easy
to build legs without having to use an excess of paint to cover it up.
• Follicle Builder • Fast Drying • Easy to Clip through
• Doesn’t weigh the hair down like other leg builders.
• Most natural full look you’ll get from any product
• Won’t leave hair wet and globby
• Available in Black Powder & White Powder


Friday Fun in Illinois

Eric Schafer putting some final touches on this heifer.

Some great Angus enthusiasts having a deep conversation after the Futurity Show today.

Eric Lee dials in some Simmental sale heifers before their Annual Sale tomorrow.

Tammy Foose really concentrates on blowing out her heifers belly.

Chase Anderson uses Sullivan’s Smart Bucket to water his Red Angus heifer tonight.

Nathan Frost touching up his Hereford heifer before the sale this evening.

Dylan Callaghan uses Sullivan’s Hocus Pocus to break down his heifer today after the fitting contest.

Sullivan Supply had exhibitor giveaways today during check-in today!

Fitting Contest in Springfield

Judge Will Coor closely watches this team before selecting them as Champion.

Lane Miller concentrates on the belly line.

Bradley Johnson uses Sullivan’s Black Finisher to paint a belly before time is up.

Jamie Moore uses Sullivan’s Black Powderful to fill a leg.

Easton Beard makes some last minute touch ups before time was up.

Illinois Beef Expo | Team Fitting Contest

Grand Champion Fitting Team
Pictured Left to Right; Dealer Relations and Master Professor, Wess Richey; Bradley Johnson, Logan Suddeth, Garrett Handsaker and Judge Will Coor.

Reserve Grand Champion Fitting Team
Pictured Left to Right; Dealer Relations and Master Professor, Wess Richey; Jacob Bressner, Tyler Miller, Lane Miller and Judge Will Coor.

Third Place Fitting Team
Pictured Left to Right; Dealer Relations and Master Professor, Wess Richey; Easton Beard, Case Hennefont, Lucas Stumpf and Judge Will Coor.

Sullivan’s Kleen Sheen

The only Sheen on the market containing actual vitamins to help promote healthy hair.
The very best daily hair care formula with ultra shine. Kleen Sheen builds hair strength. It contains a built in hair and skin conditioner and helps train hair. Now with the new Sullivan’s Vita Hair Package that contains Biotin, Pro-Vitamin B-5, and Vitamin E. Animals stay cleaner and dust free. Requires no washing out.

Sullivan Supply – Air Express III


The Air Express III is the only blower on the market to be awarded two
U.S. Patents. It’s exclusive aerodynamics, efficient design and cartridge
filter system are U.S. Patent Numbers D. 427,388 and 6,305,325 B1. The
Air Express III has set the new standard. There simply is no other blower
that matches the Features, Power, and Value of the Air Express III. Sold
complete with hose, filter and hose clamp.

Features include:
• Durable Metal Rear End Cap -A patented design. Super Quality!!
• “W” – Shaped Leg structure is welded at six points for added strength and durability.
• The manufactured seamless body keeps air from leaking out. The beautiful Powder Coat finish retards rust.
• The Aerodynamic Front End increases air velocity for more air power! The funnel design on the AIR EXPRESS III has less air restriction. More efficient AIRFLOW with less RESTRICTION means MORE AIR POWER to dry your livestock FASTER!
• Each AIR EXPRESS III is equipped with two of the most powerful, high efficiency motors available. We test our motors extensively to ensure quality standards. 2185 watts of power.
• The ONLY blower with a supplemental heater. The Heat Booster increases air temperature up to 10% to dry animal faster.
• CARTRIDGE FILTER slides into Metal Rear End Cap for complete protection. No more broken filters! Larger opening in the back allows for more air intake which provides more air power.
• 15’ Industrial Quality Hose is smooth on the inside to provide more air power. Clamp and hose included with each unit.


Illinois Beef Expo Stock Show University Clinic

Master Professor, Wess Richey, demonstrates how to use the scissors when working on a tailhead.

Master Professor, Josh Elder, talks about the different lines that can be made when clipping and fitting an animal.

While Master Professor, Tracy Coffland, clips the back leg, Master Professor, Wess Richey explains the importance of fitting a tailhead.

Master Professor, Tracy Coffland, explains the differences in the angles of legs and how they should  be clipped.

We had a great group of people come out today. Thank you everyone for sticking around and asking questions. Thats what we are here for!