Sullivan Supply – Air Express III


The Air Express III is the only blower on the market to be awarded two
U.S. Patents. It’s exclusive aerodynamics, efficient design and cartridge
filter system are U.S. Patent Numbers D. 427,388 and 6,305,325 B1. The
Air Express III has set the new standard. There simply is no other blower
that matches the Features, Power, and Value of the Air Express III. Sold
complete with hose, filter and hose clamp.

Features include:
• Durable Metal Rear End Cap -A patented design. Super Quality!!
• “W” – Shaped Leg structure is welded at six points for added strength and durability.
• The manufactured seamless body keeps air from leaking out. The beautiful Powder Coat finish retards rust.
• The Aerodynamic Front End increases air velocity for more air power! The funnel design on the AIR EXPRESS III has less air restriction. More efficient AIRFLOW with less RESTRICTION means MORE AIR POWER to dry your livestock FASTER!
• Each AIR EXPRESS III is equipped with two of the most powerful, high efficiency motors available. We test our motors extensively to ensure quality standards. 2185 watts of power.
• The ONLY blower with a supplemental heater. The Heat Booster increases air temperature up to 10% to dry animal faster.
• CARTRIDGE FILTER slides into Metal Rear End Cap for complete protection. No more broken filters! Larger opening in the back allows for more air intake which provides more air power.
• 15’ Industrial Quality Hose is smooth on the inside to provide more air power. Clamp and hose included with each unit.


The junior heifer show has officially hit San Angelo, TX! Check out these candids from their first day in the barn and be sure to check back the remainder of the weekend for full show coverage!

Be sure to check out the Sullivan Supply booth conveniently located at the South end of the cattle barn!

If we were guessing we bet Randi Williams & Mackenlee Evans are checking out The Pulse!

Brigham DeBorde pushes a friend around the grounds

Jason Brown dries his heifer

Sullivan Supply feed pans and buckets are a great asset to any show string!

Tate Williams, Kylynn Gibson, & Tana Williams enjoy some down time in the barns!

Jutin Gosnell clips on a heifer

Sullivan Supply product is never hard to find around the barn!

Wyatt Smith & Cash Langford fill a water bucket

Friends Riggin Stewart & Peyton Levien pose for a photo

Ladies and Gentlemen the heifers have hit San Angelo!

Hey! Don’t forget about me!

Red Wave Classic – California| Breeding Heifers

Supreme Champion Breeding Heifer
Champion Angus
Sire: Silveiras Watchout 0514
Dam: Silveiras Saras Dream 1349
Raised & Sold by: Silveira Bros
Congratulations to Charlize Guess

Reserve Supreme Champion Breeding Heifer
Reserve Champion Angus
Sire: Hot Rod
Dam: SS Party Girl 650
Raised by: Rodgers Livestock
Sold by: Rodgers Livestock / J Newton
Congratulations to Taylor Cardoza

Champion Charolais Heifer
Sire: Pokemon
Dam: Charolais
Raised by: Reis
Sold by: Newton / Simon
Congratulations to Treyton Fair

Reserve Charolais Heifer
Congratulations to Nicole Reis

Champion Chi-Maine Heifer
Sire: Style
Dam: Walks Alone
Raised by: Leonard Sousa
Sold by: Newton / Simon
Congratulations to Clayton Cardoza

Reserve Chi-Maine Heifer
Congratulations to Brittany Hefner

Champion Hereford Heifer
Congratulations to Tyler Coleman

Reserve Hereford Heifer
Congratulations to Carly Wheeler

Champion Maine Anjou Heifer
Congratulations to Georgia Cozzitorto

Reserve Maine Anjou Heifer
Sire: I deliver
Dam: Heatwave
Raised by: Schnoor
Sold by: Newton / Simon
Congratulations to Megan Ashbrook

Champion Shorthorn Heifer
Congratulations to Aaron Kerlee

Reserve Shorthorn Heifer
Congratulations to Aaron Kerlee

Champion AOB Heifer
Congratulations to Allyson Sousa

Reserve AOB Heifer
Congratulations to Aaron Kerlee

Champion Commercial Heifer
Sire: Maternal Made
Dam: Heat Seeker
Raised by: Troy Becket
Sold by: Rodgers Livestock
Congratulations to Julia Dayton

No Photo Available
Reserve Commercial Heifer
Congratulations to Weston Fair

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NEW! Sullivan’s Tiger Tooth™ Comb

For Today’s Thicker, Longer Hair … We have met your demand.
Patent Pending Introducing Sullivan’s Tiger Tooth™ comb, with its added 1/2 inch longer teeth, the Tiger Tooth comb is the answer for longer haired cattle. By adding extra length to the teeth we have eliminated the hair from touching the comb bar, allowing even the longest hair to stand on end. With our patent pending Teflon coating, this comb will glide through even the longest hair making for leg perfection. Available in Teflon Fluffer, Teflon Double Stuff, and Sullivan’s Skip Tooth Combs.

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