Colorful Colorado!

The winners have been chosen and the calves are in tie-outs! Such a great day for market steers at the Colorado State Fair!

Congratulations to Baylor Buck on having Reserve Champion Steer!

The Reitzenstein family getting their class winning steer for the champion drive!

The perfect expression from Judge Jim Williams!!

Marla Camblin and family working on the tail!

grand-slapCongratulations Vada Vickland on your champion market steer!

jimJudge Jim Williams taking time to talk the market steer exhibitors!
Taylor Dorsey helping out at the steer show!

Vada Vickland working on the tail head of her champion steer!

Red Bull and Tail Adhesive will give you wings!!

A family affair at the Colorado State Fair!!

Colorado State Fair – Market Steers

Grand Champion Market Steer
Sire: Monopoly
Dam: Firewater
Raised by: Vickland Show Cattle/ Steve Muller and RJ Cattle Co.
Congratulations to Vada Vickland of Longmont, CO!

Reserve Grand Champion Market Steer
Sire: Monopoly
Sold by: Bonham Show Cattle
Congratulations to Baylor Buck

Behind the Scenes at the Minnesota State Fair

Lots of action out of the twin cities today at the Minnesota State Fair! Congratulations to all of the exhibitors!

Joseph O’Sullivan doing some last minute touch ups on the Champion Charolais Heifer

Grady and Riley Ruble working on the Champion Shorthorn Heifer that was later crowned Supreme Champion Heifer

Will Bollum touching up the Tailhead on Allison VanDerWal’s Champion Angus Heifer

Nick Krog and Wesly Johnson working on the Champion Maine Anjou Heifer for the Supreme Champion Heifer Drive

Spencer Wangen’s Champion Market Heifer getting prepared for the Grand Drive

Preparations hit their peak before the grand drives!

What a way to end your 4-H Career having the Champion Angus Heifer and 4th overall breeding heifer. Congratulations VanDerWal Family

Blake Heideman getting ready to head to the grand steer drive with his Division II Reserve Champion Crossbred Steer later becoming the Reserve Champion Market Steer

Sullivan’s Teflon Comb

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Minnesota State Fair – Grand Champion Market Steers

Grand Champion Market Steer
Champion Division II Crossbred Steer
Sire: Monopoly
Dam: Heat Wave
Raised By Nick Reimann
Congratulations to Moulder Family!

Reserve Grand Champion Market Steer
Reserve Division II Crossbred Steer
Sire: Monopoly Money
Raised By Bucky Neil
Sold By Matt Lautner Cattle, Greg Recknor, Charlie Wilson
Shown By Blake Heidemann

Third Overall Market Steer
Champion Charolais Steer
Sire: Monopoly / Monopoly Clone
Sold by: Clark and Caldwell
Congratulations Carlie Jackson from Cottonwood County

4th Overall Mkt (Mkt Heifer)
Sire: Monopoly
Dam: Hairy
Bred by: Eric Meyer
Sold by: Recknor
Congratulations Spencer Wangen from Freeborn County

5th Overall (Maine)
Sire: Monopoly
Dam: Wasn’t Me
Sold By: Hilbert Show Steers
Congratulations Christian Netzke from Redwood County

Minnesota State Fair – Top 5 4-H Females

Supreme Champion 4-H Female
Grand Champion Shorthorn Female
SULL Total Tina
Sire: SULL Right Direction
Dam: SULL Tina Class
Bred and Sold by Sullivan Farms
Congratulations Riley Ruble from Freeborn County

Reserve Supreme Champion 4-H Female
Grand Champion Foundation Simmental
4WA Marshall Erika
Sire: Fat Butt
Dam: 4WA Marshall Erika 71
Bred By: 4 – Winds Angus
Congratulations Brett Neel from Freeborn County

Third Overall Female
Grand Champion ShorthornPlus
SULL Dixie Strike
Sire: SULL Roan Blast
Dam: SULL Breathless
Bred By: Sullivan Farms
Sold by Griswold Cattle
Congratulations Maria Weber from Lincoln County

Fourth Overall Female
Grand Champion Angus Female
SF Nina 353
Sire: DA Currency
Dam: Stockridge Nina
Bred By: Schultz Family Farm
Congratulations Allison VanDerWal from Redwood County

Fifth Overall Female
Grand Champion Chianina
Miss Believe in Me
Sire: Believe in Me
Dam: Meyer
Bred By: JT Weber Family
Congratulations Justine Possail from Lincoln Count

Torrance Herefords

Here is a sample of the calves that will be selling September 23 at Torrance Herefords in Media, IL! Updated pictures and videos coming soon! For more information contact Justin Olson @ 515-520-1972