American Royal Coverage Kick-Off

We made it to Kansas City just in time for the junior market steer show at the American Royal!! Make sure to stay tuned to The Pulse tomorrow for LIVE coverage of the show!!

Red, white and blue hang from the ceiling to help add to the prestige of the show at the American Royal!!

Hirchell LeClaire touching up the shoulder of a steer!

Reed McCormick blowing out his market steer!

Meeting of the minds with Dylan Evans, Cole Greiman, Bo St. Claire, Jerrod Arthur and their crew getting a game plan the night before the steer show!

Exhibitor Spotlight – Baylor Bonham


Baylor Bonham, 14 of Newcastle, Oklahoma took some time to chat with us before the steer show at the American Royal!! Check out the interview below!

How many years have you shown at the American Royal?
4th year

What makes showing at the American Royal such a cool experience?
I like the green shavings, getting to stall outside, and you don’t have to stay in one place so you can run around and talk to all your friends.

What is your favorite steer that you have ever shown?
The steer I had last year was Grand Champion Steer at the 2014 Denver Steer Show.

When your not showing what is your favorite thing to do?
I really like going to church and participating in my youth group.

What is your favorite club calf sire?
Heat Wave

What is your favorite show barn song right now?
Turn Down for What by Lil John and DJ Snake

What is your favorite Sullivan Supply products? Why?
Kleen Sheen, it refreshes and makes the hair grow.

What is the best advice anyone has given you?
Your greatest fear lies in giving up, always persevere.

Thanks to Baylor for taking the time out of his busy day at the Royal to interview with us!